Why Wade Wilson’s codename is Deadpool?

So where did the name ‘Deadpool’ come from? However, in the late 90s, Deadpool’s origin story was revealed, providing readers an insight into how he came to be known as the Merc with a Mouth and his now famous name. There are certain important distinctions that make the comic’s plot much more melancholy.

Wade Wilson is forced to reminisce about his history and how he gained his powers and nickname in the 1998 annual Deadpool & Death, all for Lady Death, his first love. To fulfill his dream of becoming a superhero, Wade Wilson signed up for the Weapon X program, hoping to find a cure for his cancer in return. The Weapon X program would not accept Wade, so he was transported to a facility that experimented on Weapon X rejections, which resulted in Wade’s cancer growing on top of his body (which is what makes him so grotesque).

Furthermore, Wade learnt of an ongoing betting pool amongst the other inmates/test subjects on who would die the quickest. Because he was suffering in severe anguish, Wade was able to see Lady Death awaiting him, eager to be with him. To enhance his chances of dying, Wade taunted Ajax (actual name Francis), the facility’s attendant, and did everything he could to try and die as soon as possible.

Ajax, on the other hand, turned on Wade’s buddies and punished them in unfathomable ways. Because of this, Wade began seeking vengeance for his own death. So when Ajax eventually did murder Wade, the vengeance backfired, triggering Wade’s healer factor, meaning that Wade couldn’t die. Wade snapped and went berserk after winning the Dead Pool despite his best efforts to lose it.

Despite the fact that the original comics plot is exceedingly dark and tragic, it gave birth to one of the most popular anti-heroes in history. However, it’s intriguing to learn the deeper meaning and history behind Wade Wilson’s codename and it’s excellent that Marvel Comics finally gave it a meaningful narrative that would go on to define the darker and deeper aspects of Deadpool’s character for years to come.


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