Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
  •  My Hero Academia is a Japanese animated series written and produced. By kohei Horikoshi . The story simply talks about a boy born without super powers and it’s quite common for everyone to have super powers , this doesn’t stop him continues to dream about getting the powers eventually he is granted powers by one of the most powerful Japanese heroes (All might ).

why my hero academia is so good?

There are numerous things to like about my hero academia .

1. Every one loves a hero story .

This story has a simple pathway . It simply talks about a young teenager that overcame all obstacles and followed his dreams .this are what people want to see on the big screen .there need a push . No one likes a downer , there want a movie that teaches people about never giving up on your dream .
This manga animated series also gives the watchers the sensation derived from superhero networks like marvel and DC . It’s basically for everyone it has all the thrills the fights . The movement . This made alot of fans happy because let’s face it the ninja and dragon ballz era is coming to an end the fans needed something fresh and my hero academia was produced to suit their satisfactions .

2. The Art style is different .

The are style is totally different from many Animation created . The animation is family friendly , when there say a show is family friendly it is said that it can be watched by all age grade . The characters don’t get sexualized like many animated shows . It has this animated graphics that combines Both animation and super hero movies to create the ultimate show . My hero academia can be watched by anime critics and still be liked. My Hero Academia is lovely compared to the likes of Naruto and the rest of the animation . Easy to understand and the story line is really straight forward .

3. There are a lot of lovable characters.

There’s a reason my hero academia is growing quickly is because of the separate super powers assigned to each character . The show takes the pathway of the marvel and DC comics not the anime or manga path . Each character has a story , reasons backing up each path taken . It’s not like the dragon balls series that totally doesn’t make any sense . The different super powers exhibited by the animated characters always draws catches the eyes of their fans .

4 .The fans are hyping the series

My hero academia is still going on currently on television so there’s a possibility to add something more unique that has never been seen on any animated show . The show has a really powerful fan base and it would be really bad if there can’t keep up with the demands .  The fans base is good at hypinf and promoting the show .

By Anthony

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