why is robin not with batman in titans?

It’s almost as if the characters in “Titans” don’t exist at all in the show’s grim version of the comic book heroes.

As a teenager, Dick Grayson left Batman and became his own hero, Nightwing.

On multiple occasions in the episode, Dick expresses his concern that he is becoming as dark and violent as Bruce, who deals with criminals in the most ruthless manner possible. In addition, he tells Jason that wearing Robin’s mask gives him too much power, making him feel like he can do anything, even harm himself or others. Dick (in the Robin costume) is regularly brutal, grinding a man’s face into shards of glass or stabbing a torturer in the balls with his own scissors to illustrate this point.

Dick blames Bruce for turning a youngster who was hurt by his parents’ deaths into a fighting machine with tendencies he can’t turn off at this stage in the story. “The abilities are a part of you forever,” Dick cautions Jason.

As we can see, Dick has made poor choices throughout his life, both before and after he became Robin. In addition to stealing automobiles and joyriding, he sleeps with Dove, who is clearly in a relationship with Hawk.
In the end, the final episode reveals that Dick blames Bruce in his heart. Similarly, Dick believes that Bruce may, at any time, turn into a murder machine, killing criminals or police officers according to his whim, as we witness in Trigon’s nightmare. Seeing Batman in the vision, we can see how Dick fears he will become the same guy, which he does by the end of the vision.

It is important to note, however, that Dick’s anxieties are not always representative of Batman’s personality. What Dick worries will happen to him is embodied by a Batman who has gone too far. The truth is that Bruce has adapted to his partner’s absence, trained a new one, and still adheres to his code. The divide between Dick and Bruce is due in part to Dick’s impression of Bruce.


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