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Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood or formerly known as FMAB can be considered as one of the greatest animated series of all time . In some cases it has been called the perfect animation . This animation was written by Hiromu Arakawa . This animation was made into a monthly manga magazine published by square Enix . Fullmetal alchemist is the sequal series of the famous Fullmetal alchemist . It’s quite an addictive show . The series was exploded world wide anime hit , selling  over 70 million volumes world wide . The alchemist brotherhood was the adaptation of the original fullmetal alchemist. There are still some attributes that show that fullmetal alchemist is better than the remake . 

What’s the difference between fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood 

What is fullmetal alchemist? 

The fullmetal alchemist is based on two brothers – Edward and Alphonso . This brothers were blessed with the power of alchemy. The major antagonist was (Dante) an angry lady that controls the 7 deadly sins of man .

What’s the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood ? 

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood better known FMAB is the sequel of the FMA . The twist in this show here is the voice of the major character Alphonso wasn’t voiced by a man anymore it was voiced by a girl . The series began when the original was still at it’s early stages of production 

The difference between the fullmetal alchemist and the  fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.

Although the two great manga animated series were written by Hiromu Arakawa . The Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood could be seen as  an amazing remake of the Fullmetal alchemist but with non of the emotional impact . The Fullmetal alchemist was loaded with more drama not like the Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood . Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood had more episodes with a total some of 64 episodes while the fullmetal alchemist had only 50 episodes . 
While both anime can brag of high quality animation quality. The brotherhood definitely has a  better graphic than the fullmetal alchemist . The brother hood has a more realistic animated movement more alive than the original tv show . Compared to the brotherhood the Fullmetal alchemist was more like a joke in the animated quality , nothing ever happens in the background . 
The characters In the original fullmetal alchemist was a much lovable character in all of the animated manga characters that exists there all have a back story and there had an important role to play in the development of the TV show . There roles made them something to make the readers want to tune in continuously .  The FMAB on the other hand was totally disorientated unlike the FMA.
The  two animated series all have lovable villains like every other anime or manga . The FMA has a power hungry antagonist which only aim was to live forever using the alchemist stones . The antagonist in the FMA was Dante a character that wanted to play god the difference between the fullmetal alchemist and the Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is the villains of the two shows  is one craves power while the other craves both power and knowledge . 
Although the both animes with the same story line had a different ending from each despite having the same story lines . In fullmFull alchemist Alphonso and his brother left there world to come into our world and then sealed the gate so no one can come into our world from that world . While the brotherhood ended in a typical manga animated TV show were Alphonso’s brother sacrifices his ability to use alchemy magic in other for alphoAlphobody to be restored. 
The truth of the fact is I wouldn’t class either Fullmetal alchemist or Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood as the best animated series because it depends on what the viewers wants . When it comes to streaming the Fullmetal alchemist doesn’t come close to the likes of Dragon balls or Naruto so I’m gonna leave this unanswered for now and let you all figure it out by yourselves because my opinion shouldn’t be what you should use to make up your mind . Watch and compare . 

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