Why I Was Pursued By Market Women In Lagos, Joke Silva

The multi-talented, nobel prize actress revealed this in the exclusive encounter with TheNEWS as part of her 60thbirthday celebrations. Silva was born on September 29, 1961, in New York City.

“When questioned about the most memorable experiences in her acting career, she mentioned one of them was appearing in Owulorojo, a Yoruba television series in 1993.

Silva, who has been on stage and film for almost 40 years, said she was pursued by ladies in a Lagos market after they saw her in the TV series that catapulted her to fame in 1993.

“The women were so enthralled by my sparkling performance in that TV series that when they spotted me, they were star-struck and began chasing me, exclaiming how much they like my performance in that trailer.”

“However, and just going to the market like I used to.” I had forgotten that people had been watching Owulorojo, so I ran to the market, being pursued by all the market women. “E ma sa,” they were all saying. “Don’t flee, we merely admire your acting,” says the narrator. “That was fascinating,” Silva remarked.


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