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There’s a big difference between bigger and better and every reasonab

A reasonable author


should be able to differentiate that . The fact is I am not here to debate the quality of each series . For one thing the dragon ball series is bigger than the Naruto franchise, did you notice how I used bigger in that sentence not better.

Dragon ball has a bigger watch stream than Naruto

Dragon ball  had so many series that could keep it’s viewers at the end of there sits trying to p up with this endless franchise.
The series it self was a big success . Infact it was so big that it took a long break and was still killing it on main stream media.
 It didn’t stop there the big fight in the dragon ball super between goku and jiren drew a lot of viewers making their “servers” stuggling to keep up with the demand. Combining both boruto and Naruto series it couldn’t stand up to the remarkable feats of the dragon ball frachise.

Goku has his own day

The dragon ball franchise is so big that Goku one of the major protagonist have a special day named after him.
This might be like irrelevant concerning this documentation but in the aspect of Fame dragon and devoted
fan base dragon ball whoops Naruto.
In 2015  Goku day in Japan a day was dedicated to Goku.

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