Why Did Diana Completely Change Her Appearance in the 1990s?

Wonder Woman’s classic red and blue costume has been retained over the decades. Though the appearance has evolved from a standard superhero suit to more of a Greco-Roman style armor, the color palette and overall design have stayed consistent. But in the 90s Diana was a heck of a change of wardrobe, and the Amazon princess was replacing the styles of the age.

Diana subsequently took up a new alias and very different costume in the 1990s. Wonder Woman was shortly replaced by an edgier Amazon, a rubbery man. This new wardrobe was a far distance from Diana’s original clothing, giving her a stereotyped “biker chich.”

“The contest” started with Artemis, a savage member of bloodthirsty Bana-Mighdall Amazon, in a new contest hosted by Hippolyta, winning the title of Wonder Women from Diana. This was because of Hippolyta’s enchantment of Diana, because she was predicted to die “Wonder Woman.” Hippolyta stated in order to cover this explanation that Diana’s mission in the world of man was previously a failure and had to be replaced in the job.

Artemis started wearing the classic red and blue and bracelets and other accouters that gave Diana a greater ability after becoming Wonder Woman. But even if her new role was more “freelance,” Diana didn’t quit being a Superhero. Now she just wore a black bra and slacks as a suit, emphasized by a Wonder Woman’s belt and jacket. Her hair was also slightly different from the curly hair with which George Perez had sketched her, as she wore harsh bangs and straightened hair more often.

Once Artemis had been working to make himself a violent name, Diana came back likewise to her former home in Boston. There she collaborated with a detective named Micah Rains, now free from the Amazon’s mores that dictated her tenure as Wonder Woman. Rains tried and failed to deal with the increasing criminality in the city and, once she returned back to Earth from outside, tried to work along with Wonder Woman.

She meets Hawkman after saving him, who invites her to aid with her problems. A new story entitled “Hayes the Hawk,” in which Hawkman had recently rebooted, had just began, with many of them the avatars of certain creatures fighting with animalist entities. Diana and Hawkman search the labyrinth for a minotaur, who is actually the Bull’s Avatar.

The jarring look was certainly not what most of the fans used to, because it barely encompassed the vaguest “Wonder Woman.” Of course, this was in line with the tale, but it was certainly the design and the story itself. First of all, this was a comedic time, in which new, darker and more edgy versions of characters were substituted. The examples of this include Thor, Thunderstrike, Batman, the Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman, who are replaced by the ruthless Azrael and Superman.

Secondly, another disdainful ’90s trend, evocating gritty and dark people like Ghost Rider, Lobo and Spawn, of course. The chained motorcyclist’s look. It would seem ridiculous to say the least to take Wonderwoman of all characters, and place her in this shell, but since Superman was wearing a black suit temporarily when he came back from the dead, it made some sense. Diana is showing far more skin in this dress, taking a good girl and making her bad to the bone from the original comic book. Lady Death and Witchblade at that time were big, and Wildstorm’s Gen13 was also a bank off pure eroticism.

Unfortunately, this meant, in order for Diana to stay up with the young people, a little bit more naked.

After Artemis died, Diana resumed the title of Wonder Woman, but her black dress was forgotten soon. During John Byrne’s book run, it showed up in flashbacks, but once DC entered into the New Milan, the edges of Diana’s bad girls dress has remained firmly in the past.


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