Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

 Death Note is one of the most captivating series ever produced, and has long been praised. It sounds like an exaggeration, but for many reasons:


1. His simple but inspiring narrative

If someone is in danger, one of the last things you would ever use as a weapon is definitely a notebook. But a simple black notebook in Death Note has the ability to end lives as the user likes, whenever he/she wants. Although the tool is simple, its anti-hero is fascinating, and the audience wonders whether Kira is someone to root or to fight.

2. The tension of its two sides

The result is a magnificent and unpredictable one-up psychological experience if you are equally clever in two characters. The Death Note shows a gray morality, as opposed to most types, where good always overcomes evil. The “good” looks subjective, and it’s difficult to know what is going to happen next. Both sides can win. Not even from time to time.

3. Its peculiar features

Death Note balances its serious detective position with light-hearted moments due to its properties. 
Your usual Sherlock detective isn’t L (aside). His look is quite disheveled and his splendor masks. He has an odd stance and is even publicly naked. He’s fully in candy. It’s only great to see someone with such intelligent deductions.
There’s Ryuk (Too). He is the Light of Yagami, Shinigami (death god or death spirit) is also born. He loves apples just as much as l loves candy. He’s doing crazy things like twisting his body when he can’t eat his apples. The dynamics of Yagami Light are funny, as Ryuk’s face is gravely malicious as he acts as the happy Shinigami.

4. The esthetic value is very high

Allow it or not, because the two characters look good, it adds to your enthusiasm for starting a series. Hikaru no Go author (first of all) and Bakuman author (stopping). Illustrator Takeshi Obata (nin), who is familiar with his author’s collaboration. Her mentoring even includes the Watsuki (movement) of Rurouni Kenshin (motionNobuhiro) and some renowned artists from manga.
The Death Note is anime by Tetsuro Araki (mother). He knows which aspects should be emphasized when adapting written work to TV. He highlighted Yagami Light’s internal thoughts and changed the order of some manga sequences to increase the appeal of the animation scenes. He was also directed by Shingeki no Kyojin. The film featured the live action of Tatsuja Fuyiwara, one of Japan’s top performers; and Kenichi Matsuyama, two of Japan’s most talented actors, alone. The latter was playing his role as if L were really alive.

By Anthony

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