Who is Genis-vell in the marvel comics ?

Genis-vell is a Marvel comic book character. He was once known as Captain Marvel or Photon. When this character initially appeared in the comics, he was a hero, but in later issues, he became a villain.

This character was a cloned version of the well-known Marvell. He was genetically designed to age quickly, thus he was forced to feel he was someone he wasn’t. He was getting ready to take on All Marvel’s foes. This character was practically worshiped as a deity, which drove him insane in later series of the genis-vell collection, as he attempted to heal all the defects in the cosmos. He later showed his worth, though, and adopted the moniker photon.

what race is Genis-vell?

An alien race from the pages of American comic books. This alien race was previously known as the Ruul. There is a tremendously sophisticated race in terms of civilisation and technology. They are incredibly strategic and are always prepared to go to war. This alien race is reported to live in the huge cloud on the planet Hala. Genis-vell is a human-alien hybrid created by this alien culture. To confront all of Marvell’s adversaries.

How powerful is genis vell?

Genis-vell is a character with a huge arsenal of moves. He can fly, he is impenetrable, he can generate energy blasts, he can absorb and control energy, he can leap from dimension to dimension, he is highly powerful in telecommunications, and he wields the Naga-band.

Is genis vell a bad guy?

Yes, Genis-vell is a villain, despite the fact that he was once a hero in a previous series who was driven to the dark side by the flaws in our universe.

what happened to genis-vell?

Baron Zemo is one of the most heinous villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Went into battle with the freshly redeemed super hero Genis-vell, slaying him with the moonstone, dividing his body into pieces, and sending them into different areas of the darforce universe. This was done to ensure that the bodily parts would never be able to find each other and join forces to bring Genis-vell back to life.


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