when naruto knows about his father

 In Naruto Shippuden Season 4, Episode 168, Naruto discovered that Minato was his father. During Pain’s invasion on the Hidden Leaf Village, Hinata stepped in to protect Naruto, who was stuck with his rods.

When Naruto understood how badly Pain had harmed Hinata, he went into eight tails mode. Kurama was attempting to persuade Naruto to break the seal in order for him to have complete control over him. Minato stepped in and stopped him from removing the seal.

Naruto Meets His Father in [Naruto Shippuden]

Summary of Episode:

Naruto, in a moment of rage, breaks one of the seals placed on him and transforms into a tailed beast (Version 2). Naruto and Pain then engaged in a bloody combat that featured incredible demonstrations of strength and power. Throughout the battle, Naruto, now a Tailed Beast, morphed and grew in power. Pain, who has reached his breaking point, realizes the beast’s might and decides to lure it to a good position from which he can launch his Planetary Devastation attack. Nagato heaved a sigh of relief after pushing his abilities to the edge and successfully confining the beast.
His relief was short-lived, however, as Naruto lost himself and began to fall to the Nine-influence, his tail quickly morphing from six to eight tails, just as Yamato warned. The Nine-tails grew stronger as a result of this impact, and they began to break free from Nagato’s Planatary trap. However, in order to complete the change, the third and final seal had to be shattered. Naruto’s perplexed and disappointed demeanor was used by the Nine-tails, who urged him to break the seal. His father rushes up to him and stops him just as he is about to remove it (Naruto did not know at this point that the fourth Hokage was his father).Naruto’s first meeting with his Father Minato took place at this location (The Fouth Hokage of the Leaf Village).


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