The Suicide Squad: Why Did Harley Quinn End Up in Prison Again?

Viewers who did not witness the 2016 suicide team can enter The Suicide Squad cold from James Gunn. Having said that, it remains in continuity with its predecessor and the subsequent DC Extended Universe films. That doesn’t signify much to most of the Task Force X characters. They’re either new to DC’s enormous cinematic universe or haven’t been seen since Suicide Squad. There’s one exceptional character: Harley Quinn, the star of the first film (Margot Robbie).

In 2020’s Birds of Prey Harley was last seen (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). The movie was true to its subtitle and was about Harley Quinn who was dumped by the joker on her own. The ruler of the mob, Mob boss Roman Sionis, also known as the Black Mask, has teamed up with the leading team.

Together with Black Canary and Huntress, Harley fought against Sioni alongside Renee Montoya. She was probably a good team player due to her experience with the Suicide Squad. Despite how easy her personality, in particular the unsense policeman Montoya, may have clashed with the birds.

Sionis’ army of crooks could be derailed by the improvising gang. Helping the Huntress, after the kidnapping of Cassandra Cain the young thief Harley was taking under her wing, Harley was able to follow Sionis on roller skates. Harley approached Sionis and eventually killed him, threw him down a pier while holding a live explosive planted on him by Cassandra.

Harley not interesting in joining the gang when she worked effectively with the Birds. With the Canary, Huntress and Montoya binding over tacos, Harley and Cassandra escaped the MacGuffin diamond. Harley stealed Canary’s car to get her out to put insult to the wound. While Harley still perceives the birds as ‘dorky little goods,’ even though she was doing good with them. However, when Huntress allowed her family’s assets by way of bankcodes encrypted on a diamond, Harley threw a bone on the birds. The diamond was pawned by Harley and she utilized the money she had gained with Cassandra, her “apprentice.”

Harley seemed to have been short in his time as a girlboss. Rick Flag says that Harley rejoined the team after being caught robbing a bank in a row at a riot with the Suicide Squad. Obviously, the start-up of Harley did not work. Either she needed the money or bored to work as an autonomous bag. This also questions Cassandra’s events between Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad. Although the Suicide Squad is not going to answer these questions, there are still fans who are glad to see Harley with the Squad, which demands her return to jail, under the control of Amanda Waller.


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