The Suicide Squad Just Imprisoned a Major Arrowverse Hero

Amanda Waller has been attempting to attract some of the most powerful personalities to Task Force X and further her agenda at whatever cost since the beginning of the Infinite Frontier era. Waller’s aspirations have expanded beyond enlisting antiheroes and villains from the core DC Universe to the newly revived cosmos. And, when the Suicide Squad battles the Crime Syndicate of America on Earth-3, the team arrests Black Siren, one of the world’s most prominent characters.

After getting approval from the President of the United States to expand the Suicide Squad’s mission beyond the multiverse, Waller has had plans for Earth-3 for some time. Waller sends Bloodsport to explore the morally inverted reality in order to do reconnaissance on parallel realities.

Waller identifies Black Siren, this world’s equivalent of the Arrowverse’s Black Canary, as a possible recruit while Bloodsport remains incognito for months while gathering data. However, as Bloodsport moves to isolate and extract Black Siren, he is ambushed by Ultraman, resulting in a full-fledged battle between Task Force X and the Crime Syndicate, which climaxes in Suicide Squad #6 by Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Dexter Soy, Alex Sinclair, and Wes Abbott.

The Suiscide Squad seems outmatched with Ultraman having the power of Superman in the face, as he is angry, until Black Siren turns against him. Ultraman is injured by the sonic onslaught when she unleashes the full power of her Canary Cry, but he swiftly recovers. Nocturna, the vampiric antihero spotted near to Black Siren as she unleashes her Canary Cry, could be utilizing her supernaturally telepathic skills to brainwash Siren into turning on her teammate. After she is subsequently seen chained with her mouth taped shut as the Suicide Squad guides her away in search of a way back home, it is evident that Siren is being blackmailed into attacking the Crime Syndicate.

Waller was eager to recruit figures such the Black Sirens to work forceX while expanding its mission instructions, Future State said. Waller is committed to building groups that are the League of Justice and placing them in authority around the multiverse to fulfill his purpose in alternative waves. This is largely why Waller put Superboy into the suicide team and brought about a fall in Waller’s long term intentions with long-term commander Rick Flag. With Black Siren in the team, Waller would not only have her own Black Canary, but would also have one that could better understand what Earth-3 works internally when Waller installs the Universe’s false Justice League.

While Bloodsport threatened the whole of Waller’s Earth-3 operation by Ultraman’s discovery when he tried to extract the Black Siren, this overall plot seems to suffer. The Suicide Squad fled from the Crime Union with few victims and both Bloodsport and Black Sirens caught. The Squad of Suicide is still not home-free and is now confronted by another disastrous Earth-3 figure. But it’s a big step closer to getting Waller to finish her planned team by twisting Black Canaria.


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