The new member of the Justice League Dark literally saved his inner child.

After years of being lost, the dark sorcerer Merlin has returned to Earth, and the Justice League Dark is urgently fighting to preserve the world from his wrath! Several new people have joined the group. Even though they’re not on the squad’s roster, two new characters are working to support the team even if they haven’t joined yet.

Elnara Roshtu, the Thirteenth Knight of the Round Table, is among them. A century later, she was cheated by Merlin, who stole Excalibur from her. In addition, Elnara had just spared Randhir Singh, a powerful psychic, from a fate that would have been far worse than death. The tale “Drowned Secrets” by Ram V, Sumit Kumar Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Rob Leigh appears in Justice League #66 and shows Randhir taking steps to save himself, as well as saving his inner child.

In spite of Merlin’s attempts to kill her, Elnara has managed to survive. As soon as she awoke in a hospital bed, she heard a voice in her head. It wasn’t long until she managed to escape the hospital and took a jet to New York. It was an old man’s voice, and he was aware of Merlin’s treachery and his theft of Excalibur’s sword. She followed the man’s advice and ended up at an old church, where she encountered Batman for the first time. Elnara found the elderly guy who had been speaking to her confined to a chair in the back of the chapel with high-tech equipment linked into his brain after the two had teamed up against a magic-wielding cult.

A great clairvoyant, Randhir Singh, was the subject. According to Batman, Randhir’s mind was fragmented by a spell. He was experiencing a hundred separate dreams, each affecting a different part of his consciousness. The equipment he was hooked up to turned his dreams became reality.

Elnara entered Randhir’s head with the help of Batman and some magic, following the psychic’s voice through a series of tumultuous nightmares until she reached a fortified tower under siege by various incarnations of Randhir. Eventually, she made her way to the tower’s front gate. She discovered the real Randhir, who had assumed the form of a youngster.

In Randhir’s fragmented dreams, Elnara killed Randhir’s other selves as she walked him through them with her. But, as he saw it, these were “simply renegade shards” that had grown into “paler, flatter versions of [him]” since breaking away. When Elnara and Batman ran into the mysterious cult, they discovered that it had seized Randhir Singh for Merlin’s use. In the past, he had contemplated simply embracing this new destiny that he had created for himself. That, however, would require him to murder his inner child, because “there is no room for wonder and innocence when you live inside the bounds of your own knowing.”

Even if it cost him most of his identity, that childlike delight was worth keeping.

Randhir awoke in an old man’s body after the two escaped the nightmares. He felt the sorrow of a lifetime, yet his thinking was that of a child’s. Even though it was a tragedy, it allowed him to keep the most important element of his genuine self — the one that had been at the core of his identity from the moment he took his first stride forwards. In order to stop Merlin, Randhir Singh will accompany Elnara Roshtu.


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