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The living Tribunal is a cosmic creature from the legendary Marvel Comics fantasy realm.This character keeps the Marvel universe in equilibrium. Keeping an eye on all time lines and other universes.In this era, the living tribunal also serves as a judge.

Is The Living Tribunal In The Mcu?

The living tribunal does not currently play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it has come to our attention that the Marvel Studios intends to show off this character, perhaps not directly, but in some way or another.

Is Living Tribunal A Villain?

Personally, I do not consider the Living Tribunal to be a villain or a hero. I’d classify him as an enforcer or a judge. The living Tribunal has no sides; he favors good when necessary and bad when necessary; he is similar to the equanox of the Dc universe, except that this one did not go insane and try to wreak havoc on all life as we know it.If I had to categorize the living Tribunal, I’d say he’s more of a cop who keeps track of what’s going on in the mainstream timeline and the parallel time lines and ensures the universe is in total harmony. One isn’t too bad, and the other isn’t too good, therefore the situation should be left alone.

How Old Is Living Tribunal?

According to the Marvel comics, the living Tribunal was a creation of the one above all a substitute for the Christian God. This character created the living Tribunal as an enforcer to ensure that no world ever gains enough power to destroy another. So, basically, the living Tribunal is as old as the universe itself, which means his age is currently unknown to any comic book reader.

is living tribunal the most powerful?

The living Tribunal is not the strongest in the Marvel universe, according to marvel power statistics. The reason for this is that he was created by the one above all, requiring him to answer to the big deity. In a comic, the live Tribunal was killed by a beyonder, rendering it slightly weaker than the beyonders.The living Tribunal may be formidable, but he is not the most powerful character in all of Marvel Comics because Thanos (the Mad Titan) already took down this god.

Are the timekeepers the living tribunal?

According to what we’ve gathered from the comics, the time keepers and the living Tribunal are two whole different characters. After carefully watching the film, we discovered that the characters are not the same; rather, a completely distinct persona was constructed to imitate or present similarities but is completely different.

How does the living tribunal die?

Three beyonders attempted to alter the globe by destroying the living Tribunal. To accomplish this, the beyonders would have to destroy the living Tribunal, with the result being that the cosmos would fall apart, with no checks and balances, resulting in anarchy.

Is the living Tribunal still dead ?

The beyonders assassinated the living Tribunal. Later, Adam Warlock was awarded the power of the Living Tribunal, but he was destroyed again by Master Order and Lord Chaos due to cosmic power. So, in the Marvel comics, the live Tribunal has essentially remained dead since that time.

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