The black lantern gives its own knightmare The endless border

 ATTENTION: This includes Joshua Williamson, Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo, Jr., and Tom Neapolitano, spoilers of Infinite Frontier #2 now for sale:

During the Heroes in Crisis 2018 crossover event, Roy Harper was killed, but the original Red Arrow rose out of the grave as an undead archer for the following Dark Nights: Death Metal helping his Titans partner. Roy was restored to life following the victory of Death Metal, and the revival of the DC Multiverse which announced the Infinite Frontier era.
And when Roy found out that he had risen as a Black Lantern, he had horrible visions which laid the stage for
 a progression for the Infinite Frontier.
After Roy’s finger with an etheric power exploded in a nonscript supper in the American South West, the Black Lantern Power Ring debuted, Roy wondered about what this new statu quo entailed as he returns on the road. While Roy looks to be a clear picture of great health, Roy is plainly noticing that previously encountered Black Lanterns were undead, and managed to control his new Power Ring and use it as a spin over the countryside.
And as it takes advantage of the energy of the Power Ring itself, Roy gets a glimpse of disturbing elements of the expanding omniverse.
Seeing Barry Allen in chains as the apparent psychopirate prisoner in the prohibited center of Earth Omega’s Omniverse, Roy is also glimpsing the Flashpoint Batman with the alternate timeline of Dark Knight recruited by President Superman for President Justice Incarnate. More fascinatingly than that, Roy sees his daughter Lian’s vision, recognizing she’s come back to life.
Lian had previously been confirmed to be alive when she joined Catwoman on her father-unknown trip in Gotham City. 
Nevertheless, when he is summoned to another country, the joyride of both Roy and his search mission to seek Lian is abruptly halted. While Nekron, The Lord of the Dead of the DC Universe, has historically commanded Black Lanterns, Roy gets the omnipresent, Omega emblem from Darkseid over the chest.
The masked supervillain similarly sported the emblem of Darkseid’s omega with his new dress, suggesting that he was working for the evil God. The mark on Roy and his inability to resist this dark call suggest that Lord Omega now has an influence over the Black-Lantern Corps, given the complete degree that Darkseid is currently unknown to Earth Omega.
Roy’s glimpse of the omniverse through his Black Lantern power ring has quietly revealed Infinite Frontier’s main players. He also has Roy’s personal motivation to save the omniverse going to follow his reincarnation. However, the nature of Roy’s new rental existence could come at the expense of having to work for Darkseid to conquer the whole of reality in his apparent plot.
And if Roy rebelled against his New God patron, his opposition may come to the end of the new life of the Red Arrow with the cutting off of Darkseid’s life-giving energy.


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