Superman vs Batman Lex , why lex luthor hates Superman?

Lex Luthor

An egotistical intellect, Lex Luthor is a millionaire businessman and struggles against Superman, both personally and publicly and politically.

He’s Earth’s most clever man. But Luthor’s amazing intelligence is only only employed for his own selfish advantage and to advance his own terrible revenge against his mistaken performances. Luthor always makes use of his strength and influence not to help mankind but to attempt to destroy that one man on earth that makes him feel insignificant, a notorious sociopath and xenophob in almost every one of his encarnations—be it a scientist, entreprenant, or even a president of the USA—superman.

While he has no abilities to talk about, Luthor has come closer than any of his other enemies to vanquish the Man of Steel. Luthor’s ideas come almost always close to conquering Superman with his bright brains, until his huge ego gets in his way. Regardless of the situation, the hybris of Luthor is always his collapse.

Lex Luthor is a respected, self-made person in many parts of the world – the peak of achievement because of its huge riches and its position in business and politics. He is the most dangerous man alive, and a super-villain who should never be underestimated, to Superman and the other super-heroes of the Justice League.

what does Lex Luther want to do in Batman vs Superman

All Lex Luthor want to do Batman V: Dawn of Justice kills Superman because he is afraid that one day a someone as mighty as Superman will become a dictator, utilizing his godly powers to take over the world.

Lex hoped that Batman would use the Kryptonite that he stole from Lex to kill Superman by forcing Superman to fight Batman with Martha Kent as a hostage. This happens very close.

It should be noted that Lex baited these two for some time now in fight, organizing a series of circumstances that led Bruce Wayne/Batman to conclude that Lex has – that Superman is too dangerous to live.

Therefore, the game Lex Luthor plays is nothing more than a piece in Batman.

Why Does Lex Luthor Hate Superman in DC Comics?

Every DC Comics superhero has a similarly memorable story: Batman is threatened with the Joker, the Green Lantern matches Sinestro, and Professor Zoom is the one with the Flash. But the one between Superman and Lex Luthor is one of the oldest and most controversial relations in the DC line-up. Luthor, an evil-genius businessman, spent millions of his doubtful money to prevent and combat the Steelman and even to try murder on several occasions. Obviously Lex is deeply angry with the adoptive hero of the Earth, but the fans might be a little confused about just why.

Adventure Comics #271 further examines the causes of Luthor’s malaise and masculine maladministration. Clark and Lex appear in Smallville to have been pals throughout their childhood. Clark, who became Superboy, built a scientific laboratory for young Lex from abandoned material and Lex countered by finding a Kryptonite poisoning vaccine. Superboy utilizes his super-breathing to quench the flames, save Luthor’s lives, as the young Lex overturns the vial of chemicals and ignites the lab.

The gasoline vapors produced by the disaster, on the other hand, lead the latter hair to collapse. Lex believes Clark purposefully disfigures himself and irreparably harms his friendship. It may be a question of splitting hairs, but determining the root cause of Lex’s hatred must be more than just a few snatched locks.

Lex Luthor was conceived in 1940 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the same fledgling artistic duo that produced Superman. It’s uncertain if Siegel and Shuster meant Luthor to be a one-time nemesis or Superman’s long-term foe. In any event, the figure has long been popular. Despite his lack of any superhuman abilities, Lex is the most intelligent human being in the DC Universe and is gifted in almost every scientific topic. These powers allow him to strategize, set traps, and build weapons, making him as powerful as the Man of Tomorrow.

People’s hair are delicate. This is comprehensible. This is understandable. Yet someone as smart as Lex Luthor must have a more profound reason than his coif to hate Superman. The genius of Luthor merely competed with his own ego, and that is the solution. He may say that he is opposed to Superman since he is reluctant to alien usurpers, but he dislikes Supes, because Lex is the second best he looks.

What is Lex like when Superman thinks him about? The smartest man in the world? How can he be Metropolis’s most revered man, if Superman is the robber? If Superman is always there to stop him, how can he take power control? Lex knows that second place is only the first loser, and Superman dislikes him because he feels less.


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