Stephanie Benson lets people roam her daughters’ and lovers’ images

The 50-year-old Ghana musician released images of three of her daughters and the guys in life and the beloved shots left 1001 things for social media users

The breathtaking photos many leave on your social media profiles and question ‘nti daben’ whether you are a single one. As she posted a ‘sweet sixteen’ photo from herself to her hubby Stephanie did not get away from the love narrative.
The post was subtitled “The women of the family and their partners are here. Casual insight of how the extended family would appear in my house. So, I want to be the first one to know if you ever encounter any of these people anywhere “There was a mistake. 
“My bright knife is ready for castration, my wardrobe is soundproof, rope-mounted. All I need is a trustworthy word and receipts are finished. With hard Labor, I’m ready for Time. I know you’ve got my back, “Added it.
Since then, the thread has collected over 9000 people
A Twitter user @oduro 0 said “why we didn’t give your daughters to them in Ghana” and the singer of “All Aboout Love” answered that it’s because they couldn’t get big Ghanaian guys when their girls were in Ghana. 
“Hmmm… the thing’s, a few of the nice guys that we hanged with were rather short when they came to Ghana. My girls’ total is more than 5ft 8in. The highest no2 is 6ft high. That’s the problem. I was really happy oh. I was very happy. You don’t know, “She wrote. She wrote.
Only one of them marrie, Stephanie says. “Don’t ever say. There’s just one ring. However, the criteria are high. All of them are really high, ohh. 5ft8inc is the smallest daughter. The highest one is 6ft, “She said a user on Twitter. 
See the tweet of Stephanie and several reactions below.


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