Son Of Batman

Batman Family

The term “Batman Family” is most usually used to refer to Batman’s closest associates, who are mostly masked vigilantes operating in Gotham City, or simply “Gotham.

List of Batman Family

Bruce Wayne / Batman is the leader.

Cassandra Cain

Red Robin / Tim Drake

Barbara Gordon, often known as Batgirl, is a fictional character.

Harley Quinn / Harleeen Quinzel

Nightwing / Richard “Dick” Grayson

Batwing / David Zavimbe

Batwoman / Katherine “Kate” Kane

Clayface / Basil Karlo

Catwoman / Selina Kyle

Claire Clover, often known as Gotham Girl, is a fictional character who lives in Gotham City.

Pennyworth, Alfred

Pennyworth, Julia

Bluebird / Harper Row

The Signal / Duke Thomas

Red Hood / Jason Todd

Azrael / Jean-Paul Valley

Robin / Damian Wayne

Lucius Fox is a fictional character.

Spoiler: Stephanie “Steph” Brown

Batwing / Lucas “Luke” Fox

Huntress Helena Bertinelli

Gordon, James

Talon / Calvin Rose

Hawkfire / Elizabeth “Bette” Kane

Terry McGinnis / Batman Beyond


Athanasia al Ghul’s formal name is Athanasia al Ghul.

Robin / Bruce Wayne, Jr.

Batman / Tallant Wayne

Batman’s favorite son

Batman adores all of his sons. They are all unique individuals, and he is proud of all of them.

Batman’s biological son Damian will always be more protective, but his shadowed heart is a particular place to Dick Grayson.

Bruce considers Dick to be a better version of himself if he hadn’t given up into the darkness of his terrible childhood.

They are bound by their individual traumas, but Grayson has addressed his anguish healthier. Because of Bruce, much of it. And, of course, Alfred.

Bruce grew up with Dick even further than Dick grew up with Bruce. Dick is one of the few people who see the Bat and even forces Bruce to smooth out for some time (though Bruce would never admit it).

They both have the best working relationship in DC comics that Batman and Superman have (who are pretty close, honestly). They worked as a mentor and guardian together for years, then dad and son, then man to man.

Earth-2 Superman tried during the Infinite Crisis to persuade Batman to let Earth-2 survive instead of Earth-1. But Kal-L did not know. That’s not the plan.

At that point, Batman felt isolated. He did not trust the League for reasons. In reality, Brother Eye was created to monitor them (and himself).

Superman tried to persuade Bruce of the more honest people on Earth 2. Heroically, more than that. Better.

Only one person was asked by Bruce. Dick Grayson. – Dick Grayson.

The time they have spent together may be part of it. The fact that together they grew up. The ease with which Dick Grayson can gain a sense of feeling through the darkness. His crucifixion. The decisions he made. Everything
Damian is getting jealous, but Grayson too loves him to hate him. And I suppose he is glad that his Dad has a friend like this at his contemplative periods.

When I glance into Nightwing, the only time I ever feel pride. I guess he’s the only thing I ever did properly sometimes.

Bruce’s Damian proud. And Tim. – And Tim. Jason himself. Barbara. Cass. Stephanie.

But seeing Nightwing only lets Bruce feel proud of himself for a moment.

Batman’s Biological son(children)

Yes, the biological Batman has two kids. Damien Wayne is the first son of Bruce Wayne and Talia AlGhul (the daughter of the renowned Batman nemesis Ra’s Al Ghul).

and Terrence “Terry” McGinnis, the cloned offspring of Batman produced under the behest of A.R.G.U.S. chief Amanda Waller using gene tampering.
Both are experienced martial artists, acrobats, tacticians, strategists and investigators, as well as expert criminologists in all aspects.

Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne take Robin’s mantle as batman.

In Batman Beyond, storyline, when Bruce Wayne is old enough that he can’t save Gotham City, Terry McGinnis becomes the Batman.

Bruce Wayne has adopted other youngsters and groomed them to be his side kick.

Dick Grayson and Jason Todd (Robin, Nightwing and Batman) (Robin and Red Hood).

Besides the other Bat Squad members, Bruce Wayne is like a family.


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