Simi’s New single was dedicated To ‘woman’

Simi is the name of the artist.

Woman is the title of the song.

Afrobeat is a genre of music.

TBA (To Be Determined)

The set to release on October 15, 2021.

Studio Brat/Platoon is a label created by Studio Brat.

Producer: To Be Determined

Dammy Twitch is the director of the video.

Simi launched the #NobodyLikeWoman initiative on October 8th, which is a storytelling competition for women to share some of the unique and traumatic stigmas they face. The challenge became an outlet for women all over the world who shared some of their painful and eye-opening stories after receiving over 20,000 submissions.

Simi has released a new tune titled Woman in response to the challenge. Simi’s long-held socio-political ideas on equality are turned into a sonic thesis for women’s liberation, drawing on the uncompromising attitude of Afrobeat to reclaim the narrative for women. Simi defies harsh feminine stereotypes and emphasizes women’s strength.


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