Records from Ragnarok: Thor reveals his most potent anti-Titan movement

 We know that his ruling movement arrived in Netflix’s Ragnarok record, as we learn more on Thor’s fearful temperament by an attack on Titan’s homage.

This section includes spoilers for Season 1 of Record of Ragnarok, which is now available on Netflix.

During the first match of Netflix’s Record of Ragnarok, which pits gods from all over the world against humanity’s best, Zeus decides to put Thor front and center to send a message to Brunhilde, captain of the Valkyries: her 13 warriors from Earth’s history will be no match for his pantheon. He has gods from all civilizations, and if they win seven times in a row, Ragnarok will take place, wiping humanity off the face of the Earth.
In contrast, Brunhilde has its own techniques of energizing its troops. When we get to know more about Thor’s horrifying change, we discover his power movement was inspired by the Titan-style attack.
Ragnarok’s great revelation record is a tribute to the series of Hajime Isayama focusing on guarders who protect the human race in areas encompassed by huge walls. These walls protect people against Titan flesh-eating, with Eren and Mikasa like to walk about the giants and kill them using grapplers and other weapons.
The same applies to the record of Ragnarok. During Asgard’s siege thousands of years before this contest, the Giants of Jötunheimr became hungry and, after bidding their time, attacked the city’s gates and walls. 66 invaded the Angels, accused of flying outside the town and astonished to cease the threats. But Ragnarok’s Giants records like the “Titans” slogged, crushed, and ate the angels, and all could get on their fingers. The attack on Titan is mainly based on Norse mythology, which makes parallelism a complete influence cycle.
This incursion caused Odinson’s huge hammer, Mjolnir, to be bored and searched for a challenge. He wanted to fight and began using it quickly and cut the necks of his opponents. This is how the Thunder God inspired the Thor Hammer to create a violent action that draws the weapon into the ground by channeling every power in heaven.
Anyone on their way would be crushed, but not the only thing they could achieve. A tremendous and lightning storm was summoned to create a nuclear disaster that removed all oppressors. Thor recognized that when he built it, he created mythology. It was also a good technique to prevent fatigue.
Thor takes this step in Ragnarok’s record when the Chinese lord, Lü Bu, uses his halberd to puncture and cut Thor’s armor. The thunder god feeds on combat and knows that his opponent has a mystic tool to kill him with Brunhilde — so Thor tears off that great weapon once and for all, in order to end the conflict. The bomber goes off, puts Thor in amazement, standing up high with glory, living up to Ragnarok’s Record stories.


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