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OSHTUR is an elder god created by the well-known comic book studio Marvel. She was the first creature to emerge from the soil. Unlike her siblings, OSHTUR was fascinated with the realms and all of its life forms.OSHTUR was reported to have gone for the heavens before the great Titan fight. Nobody knows when she departed Earth to explore the world and its wonders.During her universal adventure, she encountered her companion Hoggoth, and the two of them fled to an unknown dimension where they both resided.When the elder god with messed children and all its wonders decided to have her own offspring, she opted to give birth. Agamotto was born from her womb. She instructed Agamotto in the secrets of magic. The vishanti was created by the three gods.Oshtur was responsible for the creation of the birdmen humanoid monsters, which were created to fight creatures spawned by Set and Chthon.


Oshtur has been shown in the comics as being compassionate, noble, and peaceful. She was thought to be the incarnation of the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, who was the goddess of truth, law, order, and justice.

Oshtur has been known to favor a certain race of wen, bestowing enormous magic on them and bestowing on them magnificent white hair as white as snow.



Oshtur is an old god of the Earth, and he was most likely one of the first immortals to work the Earth’s surface. She is associated with safety. She, like many other goddesses, represents something. She protects individuals she considers worthy or who have done something that pleases her, which means she has protected persons in whom she has found favor.

As a vishanti and an ancient goddess, it is thought that she possesses a vast deal of magical power that manifests not only on Earth but also on Astro worlds. She is thought to be practically immortal. This goddess is so powerful that she can easily traverse between space and dimensions.

According to the comics, she was responsible for the creation of an entire species of beings created to fight for justice and truth.

Oshtur has the ability to bestow gifts and provide assistance to those who worship or utter her name, which is why she is regarded as a goddess. It is stated that as she is worshiped, she becomes more powerful, which is why she is depicted as a goddess in the comics. She could be of assistance to her followers.

Oshtur, unlike the other gods in the comics, does not have a single specific ability. Calling on this deity’s name can be utilized to strengthen magical spells or to cast spells.


Because we haven’t seen much of her in any of the studio’s comics, there haven’t been any actual weaknesses stated out for this goddess. All we have so far are assumptions rather than actual facts; we hope to update this as soon as the film industry produces one for her.

Equipments of Oshtur

Oshtur is well-known for creating the mystic book of vishanti and the tome of oshtur. She is also known for creating the sword of bone, which is supposed to have enormous power, inflicting so much harm on the hulk once.

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