Netflix’s Squid Game Could Be a Billion-Dollar Hit

Netflix is set to earn handsomely from the unexpected South Korean blockbuster series Squid Game.

According to Bloomberg, the survival drama’s first season would earn the streaming giant over $891.1 million in “impact value,” a statistic used by the business to gauge the effectiveness of individual episodes. It’s unclear how Netflix calculates that information or how much it affects the company’s bottom line, but the survival drama series only cost $21.4 million to make.

The Squid Game competitors, on the other hand, could only win a maximum of $38 million USD. That’s about a quarter of what Netflix expects to make from the show.

Squid Game has surpassed Bridgerton’s 82 million households to become Netflix’s most successful series based on that statistic, with 111 million households watching at least two minutes of one episode. 89 percent of those homes are projected to have seen at least one episode, with 66 percent having watched the full series. The series has accumulated over 1.4 billion minutes of screen time in total.

When I just started working on Squid Game, I intended for it to appeal to a worldwide audience “Hwang remarked. “The children’s games included in the show are ones that will bring back memories for adults who played them as children, but they’re also games that are simple to understand. As a result, anyone watching from anywhere in the world may quickly grasp the game’s rules. The viewers don’t have to concentrate on attempting to comprehend the rules because the games are so basic.

Instead, viewers can concentrate more on the characters’ inner sentiments and the relationships between them, and then become fully immersed in the experience, cheering for and empathizing with them.”

Themes of class and inequality, according to Hwang, make it relatable, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic.

“There is more unfairness, more increasing competition, and more individuals are driven to the brink of extinction,” he said.

At this time, I believe that more than 90% of people throughout the world will be able to relate to and empathize with the predicament of the characters depicted in the series. That, more than anything, is probably why the series was such a huge hit around the world.”


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