“Na N6 million.. let the oppression begin” – Nigerian youngsters boast as they display their iPhone 13 Pro max devices

A famous footage captures four Nigerian teenagers showcasing their shiny new iPhone 13 pro max, which was only introduced a month ago.

6 iPhones were set on a dining table while the guys boasted about the price, claiming that it was more valuable than other people’s father’s car and home.

Another person placed his iPhone 12 on the table near the iPhone 13s while they were bragging, but he was rejected and ordered to remove it immediately.

On social media, the video has elicited conflicting comments, with some users claiming that they have made themselves easy prey for officials from the Economic Financial Crimes Commission.

“Efcc save this footage monitoring them now,” biancahorchids1 wrote.

“EFCC typing…” wrote theogbeniopa.

“When they showcase them in public after arresting them, they start blaming people from their villages,” romeofb wrote. It’s as if money obtained through deception must be loud; it can’t be silent.”


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