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My Neighbour (website), often known as the initialism MyNaBO, is an African-based website dedicated to local updates, deals, offers, recommendations, community news and social networking.

●     Type of site : general website

●     Available : In Every language

●     Head quarters : Head Quarter in Ikeja Lagos

●     Owner: Atolagbe Olamilekan

●     Created by : Atolagbe Olamilekan

●     URL:

●     Launched:The website was published on July 14 2021

●     Current website status : online

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An event occurred in early June that resulted in the creation of the MyNabo app. The author of MyNabo app saw on the news about a lady who went for a job interview, and ended up in the hands of kidnappers. The kidnappers were successful because of Nigeria’s failed security system and poor governance. The lady was able to get an sos message to her loved ones, appealing for help. The family of the said lady went to the police station to file a complaint, but due to Nigeria’s failed system, the police who took the case advised parents that they can’t proclaim someone missing until  after 24 hours to confirm she’d been kidnapped; regrettably, the lady’s corpse was discovered the next day.

This event inspired the creator of MyNaBO app (Atolagbe Olamilekan). He realized Nigeria is a dreadful environment, and kidnappers are becoming more hazardous in Nigeria by the day, so the website’s owner created the website to help distribute news information and educate Nigerians and people all over the world about their communities.

This motivation led to the development of the website and the app in an attempt to assist African communities and the society at large in saving themselves because the government is unable to safeguard human lifes, therefore he decided to assist Africans with a data-driven website that can assist users by providing them timely updates about their neighborhood.

He was enraged because the lady was able to send an sos out to her family in which her family reached the police on time but the system failed them as it always failed every one.If the police had been able to act accordingly, the lady would still be alive today.

MyNaBO applications contain a plethora of functions that can assist you in keeping track of your neighborhood activities. MyNaBO applications include a function that can help you send an emergency SOS to report a missing person. By entering their images and full details including the last seen on myNaBO, the communities of mynabo does everything to assist each other. Search party can be set up by the neighbors in that area without government’s assistance.


Atolagbe Olamilekan is the name of the website’s and app creator. He stands 5’8″ tall. He was born on September 1st, 1992. He was born in the Nigerian town of Ajase Ipo, in the state of Kwara. Born into a family of four. MyNaBO’s inventor is currently residing in Lagos. He is the eldest of his 3 siblings. His computer adventure began in 2006. Where he self taught himself everything about computers.He was a lightning-quick learner with photographic memory.

 He applied to university in 2011, but all admission failed. He eventually developed an interest in Cyber Security as a result of the movie 24 hours, and he began searching online and improving himself to learn better.

He acquired the knowledge of HTML and PHP through google search and lots of reading. He was a fan of Kevin Mitnick, the author of the book called “The Ghost in the Wire”.

He tried to furthermore his Education once again in 2012 which he was admitted into a University but couldn’t get the admission letter on time because it was delivered to a post office which most Nigerians don’t even check and they don’t bring mails to your address. He also received an admission letter from a private health technology called North South College of Health Technology.

Following his admittance to the college of health, MyNaBO’s inventor was performing exceptionally well in his dental surgery technician practice. He was later held back due to financial issues. He returned to Lagos after dropping out of the college of health. He began instructing people in their homes and teaching them computer studies, but this all changed when he met a friend who offered him a job with the DELONIFERA Group of Companies. He contributed to the design and development of the Companies business before venturing to start his own Company named Donopa Nigeria Limited. Fully registered with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission in 2019.


 MyNaBO, as an Empire, is facing numerous obstacles as a result of its country of origin. Given the prevalence of crime and corruption in the country, no one wants to download apps unless there is a large number of downloads available online.

Because of all the multimillion dollar corporations out there, it’s been challenging to expand MyNaBO as an empire since its inception. White websites as it’s called by Nigerians are preferred by Africans. MyNaBO’s main issue has always been money.


Atolagbe Olamilekan (22 of July 2021 ) discovered  MyNaBO. Launched this great empire .

Okunuga Modupe Tolulope Is the current marketing director of Mynabo. Promoting this app is her main goal.

Folake Demilade the head of the human resources of MyNaBO

Oklo Adiga

Lead Author / Moderator of MyNaBO website


Graphics/Content Creator MyNaBO


Official website:


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