My hero academy: Endeavor is a great mentor.

 Heads up: The following includes spoilers for Season 5 of My Hero Academy, Episode 15 and now on Funimation, Hulu and Crunchyroll, “One Thing at a Time.”

Although the #1 Pro Hero in the world, Endeavor is known for his violent and unethical training tactics with his own children. However, the current episode of My Hero Academy has shown Endeavor’s amazing ability to guide and inspire heroes of the next generation. At the same time his skill and intelligence appears in episode 15 of the 5th season, Endeavor proves himself to be the teacher’s young heroes.
Due to his rigorous education with Endeavor, Shoto Todoroki once refused to spitefully use his dad’s Fire Quirk. But as the couple works to mend their relationship with his father, Shoto decides to complete a work study and invites Deku and Bakugo to participate. The children understand soon, when they all train under him, that they have more than they anticipated to learn from Endeavor.
While at first my hero academy had been portraying Endeavor as a petty hero who had an obsession with being #1 above all else, his willingness and experience to shape young heroes now shows considerable improvement — and he has an extremely good reason for it. Because Hawks is a double agent who was being followed and must knowingly select his remarks, he previously gave Endeavor a manifesto from the Meta liberation army and instructed him to be careful about the parts marked.
Something was immediately realized, as Hawks’ comments and attitude contradicted his regular disposition. 
Hawks believes that the code he left was too delicate in episode 15 that his concerns won’t find out, but the cryptic message is easily deciphered by his colleague Pro Hero.
Notwithstanding his deep insight and his perceptive skills being undervalued, Endeavor sees quickly that the council plans in the impending conflict against the Meta Liberation Army to use students to provide additional work if necessary. When he understands the consequences of such a plan, Endeavor will use the study to prepare it for this hypothetical worst-case situation.
In consequence, Endeavor begins to take the research more thoroughly. He asks Deku, Shoto and Bakugo what they are and what they expect to learn from him. He listens carefully, even manages Deku’s long-winded walk without becoming upset and gives a surprisingly deep and helpful insight in the administration of Deku’s great Quirk.
He equates mastering and fighting with learning how to drive, when all the different movements take second place and work together. 
Whilst Shoto asks him to treat them like students, Endavor takes great care to guide them instead of his son and pals
He instructs the youngsters to be a hero in three essential areas: rescue, evacuation and fighting. While some heroes are trying to divide up these tasks, Endeavor stresses the necessity of parallel processing and says that a hero should all be able to perform all three alone. He shows in the field how they still can’t keep up with him and teaches Bakugo one thing he cannot do, as required
Endeavor challenges the three students to be quicker than he is, in the hope of broadening their borders in preparation for the next war. at the end of Episode 15. 
Endeavour now concentrates on turning a fresh leaf over and mending his family and public relations after reaching the top, and with imminent war breaking out.
The Flame Hero continues to amaze fans in five seasons and delight them.


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