My Hero Academia: Who Is Toru Hagakure, the Invisible Girl




Class 1-A of My Hero Academia is full of superpowered individuals, each one unique and unbelievable. Toru Hagakure, the Stealth Hero Invisible Girl, is perhaps the most unusual of all: she hides in plain sight. Toru is notable at first glance for his complete invisibility. As a result, despite being perky and energetic, could she be the rumored traitor hiding among a group of otherwise good and sweet kids?

Most likely not. But that’s just one of many Toru theories that have emerged over the years. This is due in part to Toru being the most enigmatic character in the series. Here’s what makes Toru special, and why some fans believe she’s My Hero Academia’s biggest villain.

Toru’s Quirk, as her hero name implies, means she is always invisible. Her skin allows light to pass through it, allowing you to see right through her. She does have mass, though her outline is noticeably short and slim. Toru’s stealth abilities allow her to sneak around, making her ideal for espionage missions. 


Toru, on the other hand, is a fighter. She can use her invisibility to launch a surprise attack on her opponents. A blow to the head? A savage smack to the throat? While her strength is below average and she isn’t particularly fast, a few surprise strikes can knock any villain down.


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