Kim Kardashian has been unfollowed by Kanye West on Instagram.

The affluent rapper re-followed the mother of four children on Monday, September 13, 2021, after unfollowing her on Monday, September 13, 2021.

For some time now, the rapper has stopped following Kim’s family on Twitter.

He confessed to cheating on Kim during their marriage.

His new album Donda includes the song “Hurricane,” which is claimed to be about his infidelity.

There is some confessional content in this song regarding everything he did wrong in their divorce, according to one source.

A lot may be swallowed when your life is in constant flux, as Kanye West raps..

His luxurious multi-million-dollar mansion and drunkenness are also mentioned in the song’s lyrics.

Kim and Kanye’s divorce was first reported online in February 2021.

Weeks earlier, there had been reports of their split.

Psalm is three years old, whereas North is seven, Saint is five, and Chicago is three (2 years old). Four children were born as a result of Kim’s 2014 marriage to Kanye (5 years old).


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