Kate and William’s intimate pics sparked ‘mind-blowing’ reaction – ‘Phone had blown up

Kate Middleton and Prince William to go out on a date night


Kate and Prince William decided to celebrate their 10th wedding in April by sharing with the public a few intimate portraits. The Duke and Duchess appeared at ease in the photographs, which showed them in a rare public display of affection.



In one snap, Kate looks ahead and smiles while she is embraced by the Duke who looks lovingly at her.



A second portrait recalled the picture taken in late 2010 to announce their engagement and sees Kate leaning against William while discreetly showing her stunning sapphire and diamond ring.



These portraits were shared by Kensington Palace online at 10.30pm, on the eve of the Cambridges’ wedding anniversary on April 29, and immediately sent royal fans into a frenzy.



The outstanding response to these intimate photographs was noticed also by the artist who took them, Chris Floyd.



The photographer recalled the exact moment his snaps were made public by Kate and William’s office, saying the response was “absolutely mind-blowing”.


Kate and Middleton and Prince William
He told Hello! magazine: “The really funny thing was I got home and about quarter past 10, my wife said to me, ‘You need to put the bins out, the dustmen are coming tomorrow’.



“So I went out to put the bins out and when I came back in, it was 10.31 and you know when people talk about their phones blowing up, it was literally like my phone had blown up.”



The photographer, who took the portrays of Kate and William outside their London home, also revealed he was not surprised to see how affectionate the Cambridges are when far from the spotlight.


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