Is Naruto stronger than sasuke , in the Naruto series?

Naruto uzumaki.

From the famous animated series comes one of the most watched anime (Naruto) . Naruto uzumaki is a famous Japanese TV show (Animation) . The TV series was created by kishimoto Masashi.

Today we’re discuss on the topic , is Naruto stronger than Sasuke.

In the Sasuke is one of the most evenly matched character with Naruto. Many people continuously ask this questions. Asking which character is better , which will win in a fight and which character is most likely to win In a fight .
The answer is Naruto would definitely defeat Sasuke in a fight . Now we can’t just make a conclusion as we know both characters shows tremendous strengths .
 Although by the end of the series Naruto has learned so many abilities and he’s so much chakra that other Ninja’s are astounded by it .
The both characters lost their arms battling at the valley of the end . This would cross the readers mind saying the two characters are evenly matched but I’ll give reasons Naruto is stronger than Sasuke .

The times Naruto was stronger than Sasuke.

Naruto’s Rasengan does more damage than Sasuke’s In the hospital battle .

  1. When Sasuke became filled with jealousy , feeling Naruto was better than him. Sasuke decided to challenge Naruto to a fight on top the hospital . He needed to probe to himself that he was stronger than Naruto , so he decided to have a chidori and Rasengan clash. Although it looked like Sasuke was stronger . Naruto’s blast managed to blow away the entire back half of the tower .

Naruto nearly killed two sannin with his version two form .

Naruto doesn’t actually deserve credit for this form as he is actually controlled by rage .
He went toe – toe with Orochimaru at the tenji bridge and nearly killed jiraya during their training . It shows how far Naruto has gone at this point .

Naruto Defeats An Akatsuki Member Before Sasuke.

While Naruto wasn’t the first to take down an akatsuki in the team 7 , he still managed to get his before Sasuke . After kakashi’s attempt to get he’s revenge for the 10th time , Naruto comes to his rescue .
Although it wasn’t a solo attempt the sheer devastation of Naruto’s presence can’t be ignored . It took two attempts but he managed to destroy two of kakuzu’s heart leaving the third at a brink of death.


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