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Galactus is a Marvel Cinematic Fantasy character. The devourer of worlds is well-known. His power is almost godlike, and he has an insatiable appetite. To sustain himself, he consumes planets and the life energy contained within those worlds. In the comics, he has appointed a large number of henchmen (heralds) to act as watch guards or scouts looking for worlds containing life. In later comics, he has been transformed from the devourer to the bringer of life.

Despite the fact that this semi-omnipotent fantasy character has been deemed nearly unbeatable due to his ability to wield cosmic energy. So today we’re going to focus on one simple question: Is anyone more powerful than the devourer of worlds, has he ever been beaten in a fight, and who are the characters who defeated this near omnipotent being? We’ll dive into the comics and come back with our answers, some of which may surprise you, some of which may not, so keep reading.

who is stronger than galactus?

When one comic book character is more powerful than another, it does not necessarily imply that the character would lose in a fight against the other; it simply refers to the power levels. Comic book writers have consistently misused this term by comparing them when it comes to this question. There are certain Marvel Comics characters who are more powerful than Galactus and would probably beat him in a fight if they ever met.Characters at this level include


Magus is a tremendously powerful beast that is frequently confused with his son Adam Warlock. He can take any shape and size he wants, hop through dimensions, and it was even rumored that in his peak form, he could split a star in two.


Mikaboshi, King of Chaos, is one of the characters in today’s selection who has proven to be more powerful than the devourer of worlds. This figure, who originated in the Japanese section of the comics, is believed to be immortal, to have the capacity to alter reality, to be very excellent at moving in the shadows, to have a vast amount of strength, to be a shape changer, and to have many other abilities. Galactus doesn’t stand a chance against this character, in my opinion.


Cyttorak is a wonder cinematic studios creature known for its extreme might. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful magical creatures in comics. He is regarded as the all-powerful being in his dimension. This creature is so powerful that it makes Galactus’ abilities appear comical. It’s possible that it’s the most powerful magical entity in all of wonder.

Phoenix force

The Phoenis a being without a body. This entity is so powerful that it easily defeated Galactus. It has no body of its own and is known to inhabit the bodies of extremely powerful telephaths. It is noted for absorbing all sorts of energy, including a being’s life force.

Frank Richard

Frank Richard: We don’t know much about this character because we haven’t seen him in action, but he is claimed to be the offspring of two major members of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richard and Sue Storm. According to what we can glean from comics, his power rivals that of an elder deity, which is a lot of power if you know what I mean.


Eternity’s name should have hinted at how strong this character may be; being the sibling of infinity, death, and oblivion, this figure has the ability to influence reality, space, and time. He wields power that Galactus could only dream of. With the ability to govern all of space and time, he may just keep trying until he succeeds.

Living Tribunal

The living tribunal is extremely powerful, so much so that he can remake reality into any picture he desires. He has so incredible strength that even with the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is no match for the celestial deity.


A powerful character like the Beyonder should not be trifled with. Being the second, if not the most powerful, character in the Marvel Cinematic Studios. He is well-known for his childlike qualities. This figure is well-known for many things, but his biggest achievement was easily defeating the live tribunal.

One-Above -All

This is the Marvel comics version of the Christian god, who is all-knowing, can never die, and is responsible for the creation of the cosmos, among other things. This figure has no one to answer to and may do anything he wants without fear of repercussions; even the great Beyonder is no match for him.

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