in my hero academia who is the strongest


My Hero Academia is a Japanese animated series written and produced. By kohei Horikoshi . The story simply talks about a boy born without super powers and it’s quite common for everyone to have super powers , this doesn’t stop him continues to dream about getting the powers eventually he is granted powers by one of the most powerful Japanese heroes (All might). 

in my hero academia who is the strongest?

Well there’s no way to actually know who the strongest characters in m hero academia may be, because the show is new and there’s quite more for us to encounter watching the show  . But we are going to go down to three major characters compare their powers strength and weaknesses . This characters would be the all for one users , the one for all users and Eri .

One for all 

Firstly let’s talk about the one for one users being a fan of the show we came accros the two major protagonists of the show all might and izuku from what we saw this characters are so strong that there could move as fast as the wind , perform an air punch that could destroy a villain a hundred miles away , could destroy a giant robot with a single flick of a finger . There’s simply no ending to this power , but with great power comes great weaknesses this power is too great for it’s host as we could see in several events between all might and izuku . The power has ended up destroying bones , caused internal injuries . Is it really worth having a power for it to end up trying to kill you . Well for now that’s all we know about the one for all power , According to the producers of the TV show , we were made to know that we would see new upgrades of this power because of it’s new host so let’s see how it plays out . 

All for one

According to the TV show there’s not much seen on the big screen about this quirk . But for what we know the quirk is more like a villains quirk . The power is really great for one thing who wouldn’t want a power that can take any power and give to anyone of it’s choosing . The owner of this power can store any quirk of it’s choosing in him and something most fans don’t know the famous one for all power actually came from this power . There’s a flaw to this power . While the one for all is a power of gift this all for one is more like a taker that disposes disposed of the one that was there before taking the power . 


We don’t actually know anything much about this character , but we hope to see her in more action later in the movie . But from what we know now due to our personal resources on my hero academia this character has the ability to return a damaged body back to his previous state before it was damaged . So this is more like a healing quirk not offensive quirk , I know you all might be angry asking why this power was included but here’s why , she can return any human body to it’s previous state so maybe she’ll be able to cure all might or even heal or restore izuku’s body if  he ever uses all might at hundred percent . 

Final answer

While all of you are waiting for the final answer let me make it straight for you this is a movie it’s definitely going to be the one for all users that would come out victorious every. If all might or izuku isn’t the strongest there is in the show the show would totally loose all meaning so it’s definitely without a doubt the one for all users that would come out on top. 


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