In her new pop point album, Willow Smith explores the teenage anxiety of ‘I recently feel ALWAYS.’

WILLOW converts its anxiety into poignant music records, which have taken on many genres over the past decade, unlike most Gen Zs who put their anxiety into private journals or sporadic behavipes. From Popp, Soulful R&B, Heavy Rock or Indian Alternative.

When her fourth album was released: ‘Lately I feel ALL.’ This is a heavy Pop-Punk assembly. Again, Smith Willow Proves! She’s unlimited in her musical skills and is more than a child of celebrities.

All the songs in this 11 tracklist come fused into the air as you go on foot, with the deep bass and loud drum rolls.

Soul ft transparent Travis barker; her sheer rage against treachery and the rejection of close friends and cliques. She looks right through for the pop star.

There is no way to give an ex a middle finger. The satisfaction in ‘F**K You’ is achieved within 37 seconds.

At Gaslight she can not get away from the sexually fluid singer over a certain crush.

‘Save Me not.’ In ‘Save Me not.’ In spite of admitting her doubt, she calls for independence in her own affliction.

In ‘naive’ Willow shouts her signature voices, as she did in ‘After you cry’ in The Anxiety. She is still a child, recognizing her maturity and self-awareness.

The pressure that comes in the public eye is unimaginable to children who do not born at the spotlight, as they were born into two famous Hollywood couples, Will smith and Jada Pinkett smith.

Our beloved child star needs a break in “XTRA” ft Tierra wack.. A Well-all that comes with being a celebrity in A-list, of what you may wonder.

Willow is an inspiration for many when it comes to self-awareness or cultural illumination. And her soul-feeding is proven by ‘conversation-starting’ music.

In the final track ‘ iBREAKOUT!’ of this 26 minute LP, In GROW before she rejects gender labels (joined by canadian singer Avril Lavigne). The evangelization this track heralds evolves from negative experiences, seeking meaning while living a life of purpose.

Eleven years after her pop anthem ‘Whip my hair’ electrifying. In ‘Lately I feel ALL’ the 20-year-old vocalist farews teenage girls and rejects notions that she can excel as a genre binding artist – if there was something to start with.


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