Is ID-0 ANIME worth watching?

Sanzigen produces the Japanese animation television series Id-0. The Id-0 anime, directed by Goro Taniguchi and produced by Sanzigen, aired from April 9, 2017 to June 25, 2017. The series is set when humans developed robots capable of operating in harsh environments in space, in which human consciousness is transferred into an avatar or robot operating system. Maya Mikuri, an astrogeology student, joins the excavate company, a crew that illegally mined a special gem used for interstellar travel. Maya eventually came across a member named Ido and a girl named Alice who were discovered inside the precious gem deposit within the planet’s core called Rajeev.


There are a few characters in this animated series who will keep you entertained until the end. This show’s characters breathe life into it, giving it a personality. Maya Mikuri, the excavate company’s crew, Ido, Rick Ayer, Karla Milla-Foden, Grayman, Claire Hojo, Fa-loser, and others are among the characters. Other characters from the United Planet Force are also present. The names of these characters are: Amanza Volchkova, Cecilia Ginney, and so on.

The Excavate company 

In the ID-0 anime series, the excavate company is an organization that mines for the most valuable special gems. This group is formally known as space puratpi. Because they don’t do things by the book. This type of pirate usually operates on a mining ship. This ship can use special gems to fly faster than light warp-base travel via a process known as Miguel jump. Only Maya Mikuri and Claire Hojo were humans among the entire crew; the rest were avatars or artificial intelligence with human consciousness.

Maya Mikuri 

This is a student at the planet alliance academy studying astrogeology. She ended up working for an excavate company after an accident. Her personal Machine is a generic civilian model that is painted yellow and lacks any special features or weaponry. After the Rajeev incident is resolved, Raya’s charges are dropped, and she returns to the academy. Sometimes I help excavate with some jobs.


This animated character from the ID-0 Chan series is known for his reckless behavior. He has a custom blue ido machine with exploding throwing knives. It was designed to resemble a ninja. Ido has no evidence that he exists in the ID-0 universe. The animated series’s main character, Ido, suffers from amnesia, which means he has a hazy memory. Ido’s only concrete memory is of being a prisoner on a remote ship intended for extremely dangerous criminals. 
A character’s ido is pretty impressive and quite entertaining to watch.

Rick Ayer

This character is a womanizer and a player. He used to be a professional racer. He was dubbed “the Speedster.” In an accident, he became paralyzed. He has a pretty cool avatar body that can transform into a jet. This character is stymied in his attempt to find himself as a very interesting character. 
There are some pretty awesome characters who are both outstanding and lovable. The show itself is extremely addictive. There’s a lot of drama, action, and the animation is simply amazing.


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