The two titans proved to be remarkably compatible, with Thor’s exuberant charms penetrating Hyperion’s shell and Hyperion offering wise counsel and lofty empathy to Thor. As gods among mankind, the two could unite and open up to one another in ways that no one else could. When the Children of the Sun, a new race of aliens, were born on Earth, Hyperion assumed responsibility for their care.

Thor joined him, calling it a noble cause, and assisted in teaching the nascent race the basics. During their time together, the two became fast friends, with Hyperion lending Thor a shoulder after the events of Original Sin sapped him of his ability to carry Mjolnir. Even when the Earth neared extinction in “Time Runs Out,” Hyperion remained a constant companion.

Working with Sunspot’s Avengers (who had also taken control of A.I.M and all of its resources), a group of Hyperion, Thor, Nightmask, Starband, Ex Nihilo, and Abyss formed the Multiversal Avengers in the hopes of investigating the origins of the Incursions – despite Thor’s knowledge of the Incursions’ unlikely return.

Hyperion refused to let his new friend go to the unknown without adequate safeguards. The Children of the Sun asked their adopted father to stay. Hyperion even came to refer to Thor as his brother, indicating how important they became to one another. In their final combat, the two fought side by side and even saw the deaths of two Beyonders. But, wounded, and with an entire army of Beyonders advancing on them, the pair died as brothers in arms, vowing to meet again in Valhalla.

It’s a nice touch of the Hickman who runs on Avengers and the whole saga Incursions, offering Hyperion and Thor somebody with whom they can rest. After it was revived after Secret Wars, Hyperion has little to do in the Marvel Universe.

He had a short time in the Squadron Supreme, discovered a civilian life as a truck driver to travel America and participated in the Secret Empire’s events (where he was one of the many heroes who were tested by the Captain’s corrupt plans). It’s not even Hyperion’s most prominent version in Marvel Universe today, with the distinction of the more malevolent person who has been in Heroes Reborn recently.

Bonding Thor with the Hickman-era Hyperiond would be a fantastic element to restore – particularly as Thor is being more and more isolated within his own book. Having Hyperion come back in some way might even give the All-Father Thor a raw power running for his money. He could even return to the Thunder God for a certain amount of humanity.

If they were in the same universe, would Superman and Thor be friends or rivals?

The JLA / Avengers crossover would be like this. They would fight first (because naturally):
Later on, they would meet a shared adversary, fight together and be friends and things, even borrowing goods from one other:
Captain Marvel is as powerful (and similar to Thor), as Superman (and may have to). 
Each time fight, when Supes is owned by Eclipso… (which tends to take place quite frequently…). Of course, they are buds:
They’d get along well, I imagine. These are my favorite two heroes. I don’t believe they would be competitors either, considering Superman has a bit more power than Thor. 
They’d form an incredible team, I think. Superman had to pick up his hammer in the crossroad (may not be canon) so that they had something in common. 
I suppose the villians would be shaking in their boots with this duo. They may at first have their disputes, but then they would be a force to count on.


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