How The Flash attained (and then lost) his OTHER superpower

After returning to the role of the Flash in Infinite Frontier, Wally has recently encountered some of the difficulties of juggling his hero life with his everyday existence, especially when it comes to money and obtaining a normal job. This isn’t the first time Wally has run into financial difficulties. Since he first became the Flash, he’s had to deal with them. Unfortunate circumstances, on the other hand, provided the Fastest Man Alive with a new superpower for a brief period.

The legacy of Barry Allen was notably carried on by Wally West after Barry Allen’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it was not without its own issues. Because of the ridicule he received from the public and his colleague hero Green Lantern for his attempts to replace Barry, his mental health suffered, and it affected his speed during this period. It didn’t get any worse when Wally was no longer a teenager and was forced to deal with all of the adult responsibilities.

This changed when the lotery was won by Wally. Wally had just turned 18 when he appeared in The Flash #1 by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice in 1987, and he was clearly needy for money. To keep his energy levels up, he ate a lot of fast food and microwave dinners. If you ask him to help deliver a heart to an out-of-town hospital, he insists on being paid in the same manner as everyone else.

But Wally’s financial woes were eased when he won the lotto after all of this disaster had occurred. For him, everything shifted in an instant. It was time for him to move out of his little Brooklyn apartment and into a magnificent Long Island estate. Frances Kane, his then-girlfriend, was no longer interested in TV dinners because he could now afford to take her out on dates to nice, costly places. He even handed his parents a total of $500,000. Even though this newly gained riches made life easier, it wasn’t without its own set of issues, including the following.

Wally invited his fiancée to move in with him shortly after moving into his new mansion. After moving in, she broke up with him nearly immediately, stating that their relationship was growing too quickly. Desperate for additional money, Wally’s father squandered the $500,000 he received. It didn’t get any better when his mother and Tina McGee, his new girlfriend, moved into the mansion, escalating tensions between them even further Lastly, his mother began a pricey makeover of the mansion without informing him beforehand.

There were just fourteen issues in which Wally was wealthy. After that, Wally’s financial situation deteriorated once more. His ability to help others without worrying about his own riches was an intriguing concept that regrettably did not survive long.


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