How the Age of Apocalypse Transformed Iceman into a MONSTER in X-Men

Iceman is usually one of the X-most Men’s characterized and light-hearted. He was one of Charles Xavier’s first X men to guide the future of the mutant type in Marvel Universe. It proves to be a reliable and valiant young guy that embraces his Omega-mutant status as one of the strongest mutants on earth and his own position as an openly homosexual. However, Iceman ended on a far more savage and diabolical figure in the actual world known as the Age of Revelation.

The time saving intervention of Charles Xavier’s son, Legion, was the cause of the Age of the Apocalypse. Legion went into the past, trying to murder Magneto before he ever could become a problem. But Xavier pushed himself before the blast and saved his comrade at his own risk. This battle altered the path of the Marvel Universe by awakening the Apocalypse decades earlier and leading him to combat humanity long prior to the world’s strength. Many of the mutants who became heroes in this new and vicious reality were instead cruel champions of the Apocalypse dictatorship, while a few – lead by Magneto – were

Iceman, who was one of the earliest X-men, was among the most strong. But for Iceman’s light-hearted side Magneto wasn’t patient. From the beginning Magneto urged him to grow and use his abilities fully. The result was an Iceman who was significantly stronger than his present Earth 616 self – but who also adopted an ugly worldview.

This version of Iceman, which seldom returned to its human shape, proved the extent of its powers. He could generate a live streak of ice duplicates of himself and teleport more or less — fusing with any body of water and recreating his body in seconds, kilometers away. He controlled this power to such an extent that he could possess other people and afterwards restore them to their usual corps.

Iceman has been a fixed X-Men member over the years, yet he has never been restrained by killing. He participated in the ultimate battle with Revelation, and together with other surviving X-men who lived to see an age without Revelation was part of the rehabilitation of his world.

He was one of the most renowned X-men who remained powerful enough to combat Weapon X, after it was corrupted and turned by the Celestial Death Seed into a new iteration of the Apocalypse. He was especially close with his X-Man Nightcrawler companion — until a catastrophic battle changed it all.

Exhausted from his existence, Iceman made a deadly pact by betraying his companions and allied with the Dark Beast when the Uncanny X-Force came in the Age of Revelation during the Dark Angel saga. This incarnation of Bobby Drake, known as the Sinister Iceman, battled as one of Dark Angel’s champions against X-Force and its allies. The Sinister Iceman was one of a few survivors of the fight, only after enabling the death of his old allies Sunfire and Wildchild to escape the Earth-616. The AOA version of Nightcrawler, furious by his treachery, remains behind to pursue him.

For some time, with X-Force, Nightcrawler found up chasing Rick Remender and Phil Noto’s Sinister Iceman in Madripoor in Uncanny X-Force #24. Nightcrawler was confronted with him by a flaming oven room in which tremendous heat counteracted his innate mutant capacity, which brought him into a former buddy and team mate. Nightcrawler killed Iceman with his bare fist by forcing him into the furnace, ultimately burning him vividly. The Sinister Iceman, maybe the darkest version of Iceman on the multiverse, is a terrible and finally awful picture of one of the legendary X Men.


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