how naruto became hokage

Naruto is still sleeping on the morning of his Hokage inauguration. Hinata proposals that Boruto and Himawari go wake him up, and when Himawari’s “cutesy” method fails, Boruto leaps on him. Hinata says at breakfast that she will go pick up his cloak before the ceremony in case it isn’t finished. Naruto recalls a time when Kakashi’s cloak was not completed on time. Hinata tells Naruto to hurry to the venue with the kids while she goes to get the cloak.

Once Naruto comes in and finds he doesn’t, Hinata is rushing back home. Boruto and Himawari argue for Himawari’s stuffed panda, but Boruto says it’s going to embarrass him in front of the villagers. As they fight over it, the panda rips half. Angry, Himawari, byakugan wakes up, attacks a fearful Boruto. Very confused and alarmed, Naruto attempts to stop the fight by saying that he needs to stop the fight, but is struck in his abdomen by Himauari’s finger.

Sarada meets her mother and friends at the ceremony, where she meets Chōchō who expects to end the event soon. Sarada silently wonders what the Hokage takes to be revealed for so long. You can’t wait and decide to have a Conohamaru person like Naruto anymore. Shikamaruth, Kakashi says. When the opening starts, Sakura is proud of Naruto’s dream, with Iruka saying that Naruto is facing a difficult time. Hinata found Naruto unconscious at the Uzumaki residence, because he struck all his chakra points and wondered who could have done this the rest of the day.Boruto hid his sister in a dressing room and goes to the room with her killing look to ask if he is hiding with her. Boruto shouts when it seems Himawari has found it.


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