How Fast is Marvel’s Quicksilver in comparison to The Flash?

DC Universe’s Fastest Man Alive is the Flash. Speedster Quicksilver is one of the Marvel Universe’s most well-known and well-known characters. Which of the two is faster? Compare Quicksilver’s and The Flash’s speeds. It’s possible to find a reasonably clear answer with a little research into the history of comic books and asilver little arithmetic.

Remember that The Flash’s extraordinary speed comes from a different location than Quicksilver’s. Pietro was born with his abilities since he was a mutant with the X-gene unleashed. Because of his genetic makeup, he’s always possessed superhuman abilities. Comparatively, The Flash’s talents came from being struck by lightning, which gave him access to the Speed Force, an energy field that allows him to manipulate time and space.

It’s thought that according to official comic book figures published by books like The Marvel Encyclopedia from DK Publishing, Quicksilver was capable of running up to 175 miles per hour. Faster than the speed of sound, such as Mach 5, Quicksilver’s speed skyrocketed once he obtained Isotope E from the High Evolutionary. It’s known that his maximum speed was around Mach 10 at one point, although others in the Marvel Universe believe that he hasn’t yet reached the boundaries of his speed.

When it comes to speed, the Speed Force gives the Flash a huge advantage over Quicksilver’s. Even Quicksilver can’t keep up with The Flash. Prior to this, Flash was capable of phasing through solid objects and creating enough friction and velocity to launch lightning bolts at his enemies. Despite this, his most astounding display of speed came in JLA #89, published in the summer of 1997.

Wally West was the Flash at the moment, but he had the same access to the Speed Force as Barry Allen. It took The Flash only.0001 of a microsecond to save all 532,000 people in Chonjin, North Korea, from a nuclear catastrophe. 35 miles from the bomb zone, it would have appeared as though the entire population had materialized out of nowhere.

microseconds is indeed a ridiculously fast timeframe. As an example, if Flash had to travel 70 miles back and forth to bring 1 or 2 people back, he would have travelled 70 miles approximately 354,667 times, which is 24,826,690 miles (with 1.5 as an average per trip). His time was measured in microseconds, which means he was going at 2,482,669,000,000,000,000 miles per second. Divided by the speed of light (186,000), the result is 13,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Faster than the speed of light, the Flash reached a peak speed of 13 trillion times.

At those speeds, Quicksilver can’t compete. There have been a number of reimaginings of The Flash and the DC Universe since the 90’s. Now that Quicksilver can go faster, he may be closer to Scarlet Speedster. That’s possible, but it’s also possible Once they go faster than they’ve ever gone before, or if they can’t go faster, their boundaries are revealed. To be fair to the top two speedsters from opposite universes, the comparison is still fascinating in any case.


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