Funny Face threatens his baby mama, saying, “I’ll kill you and kill myself.”

In a viral video, the comedian, who previously spent time in a mental ward for anxiety, slammed his children’s mother.

Vanessa, he claims, has already been abusing his kids to extract more money from him while threatening to kill her.
“You come to me for money when the kids are sick.” Is the price of paracetamol 300 million Ghana cedis (GHc30,000)?” In the video, Funny Face says.

“You, Vanessa, are your mother. I’ve already informed you that I’m going to shoot you. I’ll just shoot you and then kill myself.”

The ‘Cow and Chicken’ star also chastised several celebrities and members of the media for siding with his split wife.

In the same video, he is seen assaulting Fada Dickson, the General Manager of the Despite Media Group, and Bola Ray, the CEO of the EIB Network.

“Wo maame twe Fada Dickson, wo maame twe Fada Dickson, wo maame twe Fad Fada wo maame twe twe twe twe twe twe twe In the video, he yells, “You bailed out on me Fada, you bailed out on me!”


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