Flash Versus sonic: who’s likely to win in a fight?

When it comes to fan debates, The Flash and Sonic are typically on par with Goku and Superman. Among them are the fastest men in the entire city of Washington. Barry Allen and Wally West are both among the fastest humans in their respective planets, and this fact should not be disregarded when discussing When it comes to his realm, Sonic the Hedgehog is a speedster that no one else can match. He is capable of feats that would make

The most well-known superhero, Barry Allen Flash, will be used for comparison. Due to Archie Comics version of Sonic’s ridiculous abilities, we’ll use the video game version as well.

Sonic’s speed is natural

That Sonic the Hedgehog is one of fiction’s quickest characters is due to his own innate speed. Sonic the Hedgehog, regardless of the incarnation of the Blue Blur he’s playing, is capable of outpacing everyone and everyone.

Particularly in his video games, where it has been reported that he gets faster with each entry, this has held true over time. Unless they’re Shadow the Hedgehog or a robotic clone, no one else can keep up with him.

The Flash Has the speed force

He is the second Flash in the pantheon and a superb speedster. Due to the Speed Force, all of this was a reality

Due to this, he is able to do things that other Barry Allen, on the other hand, despite the fact that his successor has a stronger spiritual connection, has the correct amount of.

sonic wields the chaos Emeralds

Each level of Sonic the Hedgehog is filled with Chaos Emeralds that he acquires as he progress When Sonic the Hedgehog uses his superpower emeralds, he can perform a large variety of tasks However, even if he does not have it all the time like Shadow the Hedgehog, he has enough comprehension of it to use it for things like Chaos Control or to morph into his Super form, which allows him to run even faster and be even more agile than Shadow the Hedgehog.

Flash has the ability to travel through space and time

As far as time travel goes, Barry Allen is the only one who has done it better than Sonic or The Flash, who are both well-known for their time

Barry Allen had invented the Flashpoint Paradox at this point, a time travel event that essentially created a new timeline and a new earth, at this moment. Knowing that Barry Allen is capable of doing something like this puts his enemies in grave danger.

sonic have several variety of Power-ups

Like Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog has employed power-ups in many of his games.

For example, he can enhance his physical qualities by using the Wisps from Sonic Colors in order to increase his speed. There are many shields he can utilize, including the aqua bubble, which allows him to breathe underwater.

Flash has the abilities to viberate his molecules through solid concrete matter

Despite the fact that these power-ups are quite beneficial, they can only be effective if Sonic can defeat Flash’s phasing abilities. The Flash is able to pass through objects by moving his molecules at super-speed.

For the sake of argument let’s say that this means that he can phase past opponent blows and even items across a multiplicity of structures However, he does not enjoy using phasing as a means of attack because it allows him to physically pass through foes, yet he is capable of it.

Sonic is Good very good in hand to hand combat

He doesn’t use it frequently, but Sonic the Hedgehog is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter, capable of taking on a large number of opponents. He is able to defeat characters like Emeryl, who is a superb combatant, not just because of his speed.

Further, he is an expert in Lin Shao Kung Fu and was completely capable of overcoming it. As opposed to Sonic, The Flash has always been more of a brawler who exploits his speed to advantage.

Flash can break through dimensional barriers

Faster than light, The Flash is capable of breaking through more than just the sound barrier when he is determined to let free. A range of barriers can be broken by the Flash, from light to the time barrier.

A full-fledged attempt by The Flash would allow him to break through the Speed Force barrier, a feat Sonic the Hedgehog was never able to do, having only broken through the time barrier at the most. In fact, he is capable of traveling to multiple realities because his speed is so amazing.

Sonic has multiple super forms unlike the flash

I think Sonic the Hedgehog’s biggest advantage in the present age is his ability to morph into different forms thanks to external sources.

Dark Spine Sonic and Excalibur Sonic are two of his other incarnations. That’s a lot of damage-doing power in one package. On the other hand, there is the possibility that it will have a time limit.

Flash has a very fast mind

Most likely, Barry Allen’s most valuable talent is his ability to think quickly. In the New 52 version of DC Comics, this allows Barry Allen to straight-up compute any possible scenario and brings him closer to the speed force. It is ludicrous that Barry Allen is capable of thinking in less than an Attosecond if this is not taken into consideration.

Speed Mind on the other hand, allows him to drag anyone into the Speed Force that he himself generates with every step he takes, theoretically keeping them there indefinitely with his Speed Mind.


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