During his sermon, the pastor praises Naira Marley, claiming that despite smoking marijuana, he is intelligent.

Naira Marley was included in the sermon notes and message to the congregation by a white garment church pastor, who told the congregation that despite being a marijuana smoker, Naira Marley is clever.

While singing it to them, he borrowed the lyrics of Naira Marley’s song Aye to further his argument. In his own words:

That kid only smokes marijuana, but he’s a genius.
He’s really smart (begins singing) Aye yi o le (This life is not hard)
Aye lo n maye le (Humans are the ones that make life difficult)
Iya yin eyin le ma sin iya yin eyin le ma sin iya y (You are the ones that will bury your mothers)

‘Wouldn’t you want to be the ones to bury your mothers?’ he continued.

The audience erupted in applause. They would, in fact.


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