Doctor Strange is given the key to hault an ancient evil by the Savage Avengers.

Nearly every part of the planet and even the time limits have crossed the Savage Avengers’ quest for ancient sorcerer Kulan Gath, and none of them have worked harder than the Supreme Sorcerer. Doctor Strange, as smart and talented as he is, has continued to elude him at every opportunity, pushing Strange to seek assistance from another of his greatest foes. Sadly, in his own meetings with the terrible magician of the Hyborian Age Shuma Gorath was much less fortunate than any Earth hero –

Doctor Strange became anxious in finding Kulan Gath until nothing was left to stop him. Everything he invoked and every object he used has proved entirely unnecessary. Fortunately, at least one person is left, which can offer the Supreme sorcerer an edge — although the description “person” is perhaps too generous for them. Strange has been for help to the deity of Eldritch, Shuma-Gorath, but Shuma-Gorath is not able to grant help

Kulan Gath’s efforts to the south turned unwary drug consumers into even less suspect drug lines on Shuma-earth, Gorath’s and during his cannibalistic attempt for dominance the horror of the Hyborian age quickly filled them with food.

Now Shuma-Gorath has been left asking for death, not to mention completely convinced that the fight has already been lost against her joint enemy. That’s not accurate, of course, but it’s not because Kulan Gath’s unable to finish things right here. Rather, it is because of the bigger vulnerability of the insane sorcerer, and the last shred of mankind of Gath can prove to be his annihilation.

However, Kulan Gath is still a man for all his sorcery and seeming immortality. As Shuma-Gorath says by Gerry Duggan, Patch Zircher, Java Tartaglia and VC’s Travis Lanham, Doctor Strange in Savage Avengers #23, Gath is still “in need of many flaws of its type,” and he “will fight like a man when confronted.” As Gath says. It could sound like a vague jab in Kulan Gath, but it is actually supposed to be an old precedent. Kulan Gath perished on many occasions in supernatural attacks and has returned with the same ferocity as ever before every time.

In spite of Gath’s normal manner of working mostly from the darkness, he never shied away from direct confrontation. In the 2000 Conan: The Flame and the Fiend # 3 by Roy Thomas and Geof Isherwood it the last time that Conan ended Kulan Gath himself, it was face-to–face with his blade on the battlefield, rather than after having sniffed the sorcerer from the dark corner. Kulan Gath is undoubtedly as egotistic as he is, but if Doctor Strange could use this, he could actually put an end to this whole mess. In his closing moments, Shuma-Gorath left Strange with yet another mighty weapon.

But he managed to convince the Highest sorcerer to put an end to his life by an act of grace. Shuma-Gorath had no idea that the battle with Kulan Gath was over, Strange. No matter how horrified Shuma-Gorath and his ilk were on the Multiverse, Dr. Strange agreed to ultimately relieve the pain of the beast. He was also collecting a little of the blood of Eldritch on his blade. Strange has a true weapon to take with him to his ultimate encounter with Kulan Gath now sealed with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. It is difficult to imagine a greater weapon to end the reign of terror of the mad wizard, presuming that Gath Kulan can first be stopped.


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