Despite his metal arm, Cable’s newest upgrade is much more advanced

Only Nathan Summers, the time-traveling X-Man better known as Cable, stands out among the X-M It’s been a while since Marvel introduced a younger version of this famous hero, but in “The Last Annihilation,” the original is back to aid fight the danger of Dormammu.

At least Cable is armed with a hard-light prosthetic arm for his next battle in Cable: Reloaded #1 by Al Ewing and Bob Quinn with Java Tartaglia, Tom Muller and Joe Sabino of VC.

Shortly after Cable’s return, he took up Abigail Brand’s position at the mutant-run S.W.O.R.D. Breakworld’s surface is in freefall almost as soon as Cable signs up for combat. Cable’s cybernetic arm’s A.I., Belle, cautions him that its shield wasn’t designed for this sort of hit or jump, but that isn’t the only piece of tech he has working for him at this moment

As a result, his bionic arm falls apart in mid-air as Cable smashes into the ground with a horribly explosive impact, despite all of his preparations. Cable isn’t going to be able to survive on its own, A new hard light holo-prosthetic arm replaces Cable’s famed metal arm, which is thrown away. As a bonus, this arm has its own A.I., Nicky – a devious, combat-ready artificial intelligence.

Instead of Belle, Nicky excels at combat. While Nicky takes care of the shooting, the arm’s A.I. can automatically lock on to any enemies Cable encounters. But that’s not what makes Cable’s new arm so impressive. It’s that Nicky knows when to switch to non-lethal tactics before Cable does.

At first, Cable’s arm being turned into a machine was viewed as an enormous disadvantage, but it allowed him to refine his great telekinetic power without burning his entire body out. This is no longer necessary for him and he is able to discard his most distinguishing feature as soon as it is no longer useful to him.

Despite the fact that it’s unclear if Cable’s new energy-based arm will be a permanent mutation, its presence here marks the beginning of a new era for the mutant

But even though he’s been out of the game for a long, Nathan still has some futuristic tricks in his sleeve.


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