DC universe as Family Entertainment

The DC comics or DC universe is company that’s responsible for the greatest heroes of all times . This is the highest ranked company along side many comic book companies like the marvel comics , image comics and other top notch comics designed to create super hero characters .


This universe is where most superhero where most stories in the American comic book titles published by DC comics takes place .


The DC comics is responsible for the creation of various characters . The according to comicbasics.com this were the ranking heroes from the most powerful to weakest Superman , spectre , Dr manhaManh , wonderwoman , supergirl , Martian man Hunter , Dr fate , Shazam, flash and green lantern this were ranked the most powerful don’t completely agree but really have to roll with it as there are no accurate rankings  . There are various other heroes like batman , green arrow , Ryan Choi .

DC comics is also responsible for creating great villains for example like the Riddler, captain cold , joker ,  Deadshot , Darkseid , Desaad , mirror master , circle and heatwave .

DC comics also have numerous number of super hero teams some examples of some superhero teams Atomic knights , All star squadron , Doom patrol , justice league , New challengers .

DC comics is also known for it’s multi- universe it’s known as a multi-universes to the collection of all continuity. This simply means ever possible happening due to every decision taken by a person , with every decision made two world’s are created one when the decision was made the other when the decision was completely this was explained in crises on two Earth’s . The main DC universe has gone by many names but recently it’s known as prime Earth not to be confused for earth prime. 

The main universe, as well as the alternate universe or realities related to it .


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