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Full Name : christiano Ronaldo dos santos Aveiro

Nickname: Ronnie , Ron , cr7 , c. Ronaldo and step over rocket Ronaldo

Birthday : 05/02/1985

Place of birth : funchal ,mandiera Portugal

Nationality: Portuguese

Height : 6 feet 2 inches

Shoe size : 9

Weight : 84 kg 

Parents:Jose dinis Aveiro (father) and Maria Dolores dos santos Aveiro

Spouse : Georgina Rodriguez

Zodiac sign : ♒

Profession: football player

Current team : Manchester utd

Current national team : Portugal

Position: forward 

Children : christiano Ronaldo jnr , Mateo Ronaldo , Eva Maria dos santos , Alana Martina dos santos Aveiro

christiano Ronado, well recognized as his moniker CR7, is a great footballer from Portugal. He is a striker for both Juventus and the Portugal National Football team. Cristiano Ronaldo stands out as one of the best footballers of any and all time, captivating us all with his distinctive way of playing, amazing dribbles, spectacular finishes, and exhilarating athleticism. The ace captain has a nasty curveball spectacular shots while leading his team to a championship. Cristiano epitomizes the ideal notion of success.

Through our Cristiano Ronaldo memoir factual information, background, profession, and private affairs, we take a close insight into the life of such a football hero who has been considered as one of the best players of all time on the globe.

Christiano Ronaldo child hood and early life?

Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed a Portuguese footballer who’d been born around February 5, 1985. He was indeed the fourth child of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and Jose Dinis Aveiro, who were both born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. His dad worked as a city landscaper, and his daughter works as a chef. Ronaldo was named after Ronald Reagan, the president of the United States at the time. Hugo is Ronaldo’s older brother, and Elma and Liliana are his older sisters. He and his brothers shared an apartment when he was little. Ronaldo grew up as just a conservative Catholic.

After just a world ’s third, he was recruited by Sporting CP for 1,500 Euros despite playing for in an amateur league, Andorinha. Ronaldo dropped out of high school to concentrate on his athletic career. He had previously been evicted for throwing a chair at his instructor. A raging heart issue put his soccer ambitions in jeopardy, yet he returned to play after surgery.

Christiano Ronaldo club Career

Sporting cp (2002 – 2003)

After being upgraded by the very first manager, Ronaldo secured a spot with Sporting CP’s development squad at the age of 16. In what seems like a single season, Ronaldo became the first sports CP player to appear in the under-16, under-17, under-18, B-team, and first team. Ronaldo’s representation discussed his deal with then-Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier and Barcelona president Joan Laporta. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger met with Cristiano Ronaldo to consider a potential deal. Ronaldo’s brilliance in a 3-1 loss of Manchester United in August 2003 delighted Alex Ferguson. Ferguson was put under even more pressure to acquire ronaldo on a long term basis after United announced their intention to acquire ronaldo for a year before lending him over to Sporting CP.

Manchester United (2003-2009)

There in 2003–2004 season, Ronaldo, Manchester United’s first Portuguese contract, may have the most expensive player for a teen. Ronaldo established his value by being one of Europe’s top players. While being in England, Ronaldo will become the first player who scored 20 goals and aided United win their first Champions League trophy in four years. His accomplishments were recognized when he was named Footballer of the Year by the Professional Footballers’ Association, Young Player of the Year by the Football Writers’ Organization, and Footballer of the Year by the Football Authors’ Organization, making him the first player to win all four major PFA and FWA awards in the same period.

He also won the Premiership Golden Boot and the European Golden Shoe, becoming the first winger to do otherwise.

Ronaldo led United to win Europe’s most prominent competition with in Champions League, earning him the UEFA Club Soccer player of the Year award. Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or to round off his tenure with United, becoming the first Premier League player to be crowned Fifa Player of the Year. He also won the FIFA Puskas Prize for excellence goal and won the League for the 3rd season with United. While at Manchester United, Ronaldo won a total of nine titles.

Real Madrid (2009-2018)

Ronaldo signed a world-record 94 million Euro deal to Real Madrid well before start of the 2009–2010 season, with just a 1 billion Euro buyback provision in his deal, which was slated to lapse in 2015. His introduction at the Santiago Bernabeu drew 80,000 people, breaking the 25-year mark of 75,000 for Diego Maradona’s unveiling in Napoli.

Despite failing to secure any trophies in the debut season at Madrid, he was a Ballon d’Or contender, coming second in the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year behind Lionel Messi. He also finished second with in FIFA Ballon d’Or awards the following season, following Lionel Messi. However this time, he led Madrid with their first La Liga triumph in four years.

All through his period at Real Madrid, he formed an attacking force with his team members recognized also as BBC, an abbreviation for Bale, Benzema, and Cristiano. He had a good run, and he admitted that he had been in the greatest condition of his career. 

Ronaldo was awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or, which combines the FIFA World Performer of the Year and the Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo subsequently assisted Real Madrid in winning their 10 European title, La Decima, as well as their 12th La Duodecima.

In his dying days at Madrid, Ronaldo went above and above, and become the first player in Madrid history to record 5,900 goals. He becoming the first player in UEFA club competition history to achieve 100 goals. Again for fifth straight season, Ronaldo was the leading scorer in the UEFA Champions League. He was named Player of the Year for the sixth time after leading Madrid to their 12th European title, La Duodecima. Just after winning the FIFA Best Men Player Award, Ronaldo got the Ballon d’Or. His spinning kick goal in a 3-0 road win against Juventus, which was hailed by the opposition crowd, was the highlight of his dying days with Madrid. A “Playstation goal” was labeled on the goal.

Juventus (2018- 2021)

Following rumors that he would be leaving Real Madrid, Ronaldo agreed to a 100 million euro transfer to Juventus, which included a 12 million euro fee and donations to Ronaldo’s youth club. His transfer was the most for a player beyond the age of 30. Ronaldo initially ascribed his transfer to Juventus to a desire for a new challenge, but later stated that he chose to transfer owing to the club president’s lack of support. On August 18, 2018, he made his Juventus debut with a Serie A goal against Chievo. He should have been sent off violent behaviour in his debut Champions League outing for Juventus.

Ronaldo’s national team career

After beginning his national team career in 2001, Ronaldo became a regular face in the Portuguese National team squad, appearing in the 2002 URFA European Under-17 Football Championship, the 2004 summer Olympic as well as in the under-15, under-17, under-20, under-21 and under-23 national teams, before debuting for the senior team at age 18. After a series of trials at the Euros, Ronaldo finally led Portugal to the Euros success in 2016. He last featured for the Portuguese side in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia where he had a spectacular performance.

Ronaldo’s family and personal life

Ronaldo’s first kid was born in 2010, and the child’s mother’s name is unclear. It’s unknown whether he’s in a marriage or the child was born through surrogacy. He became a father to twins in 2017.

Ronaldo is well-known for his philanthropy. After TV clip shows a youngster whose parent had been killed in the indian Ocean Tsunami and tsunami and had been trapped for 19 days, he traveled to Indonesia to seek donations for recovery and reconstruction. In 2012, he and his management funded for the hospitalization of a terminally ill nine-year-old Canarian youngster. He traded his golden boot from 2011 for 1.5 million euros to help Gazan schools. He launched the CR7Selfie app in August 2016, a picture app for charity that helps save kids.

Ronaldo and another man got charged with rape. One of the ladies who had made the accusation later dropped it. Following that, Scotland Yard stated that there had been absolutely no evidence to initiate a case. In 2017, the German newspaper Der Spiegel published a story alleging that Ronaldo had been accused of rape. The rape is reported to have occurred in 2009, and the victim faced legal retaliation until a non-disclosure agreement was reached, allowing the accusations to be withdrawn. The woman’s name was disclosed as Kathryn Mayorga by a German newspaper in September 2018. The claim was denied by Ronaldo as fake news.

In July 2017, Ronaldo was accused with tax evasion. Between 2011 and 2014, he is reported to have avoided paying around 15 million euros in taxes. In a settlement with the Spanish authorities, he was apparently sentenced to two years in prison and fined over 18.8 million euros. The penalty was cut in half, from 2 million euros to 1 million euros. Without going to jail, the sentence could be served on suspension.

Achievement , Awards and tournaments won

Christiano Ronaldo won the Premier League (2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009)

Christiano Ronaldo led his team to  win the FAup (2003-2004), Football League Cup (2005-2006, 2008-2009)

Christiano Ronaldo led his team to win the FA Community Shield (2007)

Christiano Ronaldo led  his team to win the La Liga (2011-2012, 2016-2017)

Christiano Ronaldo led his team to win the Copa Rey (2010-2011, 2013-2014)

Christiano aided his team in lifting the cup Supercopa de Espana (2012, 2017)

Christiano Ronaldo helped win the UEFA Champions League (2007-2008, 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018)

Christiano Ronaldo helped  win the UEFA Super Cup (2014, 2017)

Christiano Ronaldo helped win the FIFA Club World Cup (2008, 2014, 2016, 2017)

Christianio Ronaldo assisted his team in win the UEFA European Championship (2016)

Christiano Ronaldo helped his team lift the cup UEFA Euros (2016)

Individual Awards 

Christiano Ronaldo won the FIFA Ballon d’Or (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017)

Christiano Ronaldo won the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year (2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2016-2017)

Christiano Ronaldo won the Champions League Forward of the Season (2017-2018)

Christiano Ronaldo won the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year (2008)

Christiano Ronaldo won the Barclays Player of the Year (2006-2007, 2007-2008)

Christiano Ronaldo won the PFA Young Player of the Year (2006-2007)

Christiano Ronaldo won the PFA Player of the Year (2006-2007, 2007-2008)

Christiano Ronaldo won the La Liga Best Player (2013-2014)

Christiano Ronaldo won the  La Liga Best Forward (2013-2014)

Christiano Ronaldo won the La Liga Most Valuable Player (2012-2013)

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