Chiwetalu Agu: What DSS Found in My Phone After I Moved to Abuja

On Friday, he chatted with Broadway Television in an interview.

The actor was turned over to DSS agents by the Nigerian Army, who transferred him to Abuja to continue the probe. When questioned if he had anything damning on his phone, the actor said,

“I’m a child of God, not a criminal, and everything they saw in my phone was about God, humanity, and nothing damning,” she said.

Agu, on the other hand, stated that he was not tortured when being interrogated by senior army officers prior to being transferred to DSS custody.

They interviewed me for an entire day, the top army commanders were cordial, and they did not obtain any damning information from my phone before handing me over to DSS. “They didn’t start mistreating me until I arrived at the Abuja office, where I stayed for two days.”


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