Barry Allen’s Flash


His mama Nora was fighting to encourage him while he was in school while working with two shifts and wanting to divorce his dad, Henry, when Barry was a kid, his family relationship wasn’t well and when he was preparing to participate to a bee at school.

On the spelling bee day he received the divorce papers and as Nora was required to work he took Barry and went to school. When Nora got back from work, she was glad to find her son won the event, but she had to talk to Henry about her relationship, so Barry was dispatched to the bookstore. By the time Barry returned, his mother, despite he confessed innocence, had been assassinated and his father had been put under custody.

Fortunately, Darryl Frye, who was romantic with Nora in secret, yanked some cords and had Barry in. Barry visited his dad in jail for years vowing to look at the evidence of the murder case of his mother till he discovered a way of proving his innocence.

As an adult, Barry’s hunt for facts concerning his mother led him to become a lawyer for the Police Department of Central City. Henry gave up the dream, broke down into tears, and confessed to his son he had committed the murder because the years in prison had worn on him. Barry was depressed by the shock of realizing all his endeavours. On a stormy night, Barry ruined his lab fiercely. Suddenly a flash of lightning burst through the window of his laboratory and hit him in the thorns, dropping the chemical vials which he wore and dousing himself.

Barry woke with a super-speed skill after a four month coma after the accident. Barry chose to accept a sign for himself and struggle for the better, inspired by Darryl’ s case. He developed the ring that included his specifically tailored suit and was called the Flash, the quickest living man.



His superspeed takes the cake out of all the powers of the Flash. The hero is recognized for his speed – he’s the Fastest Man Alive, everyone knows. In a race, he can defeat virtually anybody or anybody and its speed helps him stop the bullets. Through his speed, he can immediately disarm bombs, fire and halt criminals.

The Flash speed or its access to the Speed Force has been the source of all the other power in this list. The Flash would not be available without it — Barry Allen, the guy inside the mask, would be the only one. Nothing in this list could perhaps outweigh the superspeed of the Flash.


Everyone knows that the Flash is quick. But often the size of the speed of this hero is underestimated. The Flash is quicker than light speed (that’s how he can travel time). Verily, we cannot understand the genuine speed of the hero as it is beyond the boundaries of human rationality. We can instead look at his craziest accomplishments connected to speed.

Literally, the Flash has surpassed death. He traveled more quickly than nuclear repercussions and immediate teleporting. It’s only a question of time before Barry or another flash does a new sweeping feat at its pace, but the death in a foot race will not be easy to beat.

Flash Time

Flash Time” may be one of the most important hero’s capabilities, and Barry has been developing this talent for the entire period of the television program. In the beginning, “Flashes Time,” which referred to how the universe slowed down in relation to Flashes in the speed force, was limited to the speedsters themselves.

Again and again Barry can stop bullet and other weapons or prevent harm to others with these differences in perspective. With the above-mentioned power, the heroes manage to save the city central from a nuclear weapon in the Episode “Enter Flash Time.” The ability of a speedster to look at time differently is perhaps as useful as its superspeed.

Dimensional travel

Time travel is an incredible force because it offers an unprecedented number of opportunities for the future and for the past. For speedsters, their ability to cross from dimension to dimensions increases their access to other realms tremendously. Flashes are therefore very often necessary when it comes to universe travel, which is why these heroes often play important roles in the numerous crises of DC.

Speedsters can break the barrier into other dimensions like with time travel. These heroes needed the Cosmic Treadmill before but some of them could do it themselves. To do that, some of them could.

Time travel

Thanks to the… doubtful utilization of the ability of Barry Allen to travel around time both in the comic and TV series in recent years, time-travel has become a synonym. Flash. Speedsters are sufficiently quick to break the time barrier, which causes a lot of time to travel. The Flashpoint is the most infamous example of a time-travel-related dispute, but the person exploited this power in the TV show again and again.

Recently Speedsters lost this risky power in the comics, meaning they must handle problems without going ahead with this comfortable ex-machine. Perhaps a similar strategy will be adopted by the TV show (it will probably not).

Other flash abilities include

  • Throw lightening
  • superspeed punch
  • Vibrating
  • Fast regeneration
  • Steals speed
  • self duplication
  • speed reading
  • Speed force sharing
  • Etc


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