Attack On Titan Editors Discuss Fans’ Time Loop Theories

 Attack Titan’s editor on what they think of the popular time loop fan theory and animation at the end.

The editor of Attack on Titan went back after the end of the manga to discuss fan theories.

The assault against the titanian editor Shintaro Kawakubo has revealed that behind the manga crew, including creator Hajima Isayama, the popular idea of fans who consider the story to be a time loop that reproduces itself, in the translating from Twitter’s user @kasumi kasa into Titan.” Saying Kawakubo, “There was then a description of a loop in the first chapter. Some individuals would have been unhappy if it actually were a loop… It was one of those things about which I believe Isayama was scared.” .. But things cannot alter with the story of Ymir the founder. But how would the reader feel if it was drawn as a loop?” Finally, Kawakubo left the reader with the interpretation and said, “I can’t say, it is a loop, and I cannot say that it is a loop. This is a loop. The readers must determine it.”

Kawakubo also expressed the idea that stories are constructed around the interplay of two characters and their effect and influence on other characteristics and the universe. In Kawakubo’s view, Titan is attacked as a sequaikei based on Eren Jaeger’s relationship with Mikasa Ackerman.” In Isayama’s thoughts, the phrase “Sekaikei,” Kawakubo remarks. “This is the story of Eren and Mikasa (Attack on Titan).

The interview also demonstrated that Kawakubo and Isayama are balanced with the fancy expectations and objectives of this narrative. “Much is desired by the AoT, independent of AoT, trends and things, so how might you achieve the balance?”” ” He spoke to Kawakubo, stating, “I think that’s what I think this mango loop looks like and if (I was) I think you are looking for and if I draw, you want to see. You want it, I believe.Kawakubo noted that maintaining this equilibrium is difficult and that manga results have been satisfactory. “The closer it came to Isayama’s finish, the more trouble it became to make a compromise.” 

Kawakubo was also aware of Isayama wanting to murder one of the most beloved heroes in the series, but was told during an editing conference. 

Kodansha USA releases the Titan manga attack in North America. For Stage 1 of Attack, Netflix is available on Titan Anime. For streaming, the first three seasons and part 1 of season 4, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.


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