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The Animated series is an American computer animated TV series based on the DC Comics superhero Josh Keaton Green Lantern. The show aired on Cartoon Network as part of the “DC Nation” programming block. A one-hour preview aired on November 11, 2011, with the series’ actual premiere taking place in Spring 2012. On October 15, 2011, a special screening of the first episode was held at New York Comic Con 2011. Rather than having the Green Lanterns make guest appearances or share a plot with other superheroes, the series was the first independent television series based on Green Lantern.


Phil Kent, President and Chief Executive Officer of Time Werner’s Turner Networks, revealed that Green Lantern: Animated Series would be an integral element of the original programming of Cartoon Network. The New York Comic Con 2010 features test footage, characters, descriptions of story and art works. A preview of the show was provided. At the New York Comic Con Bruce Timm also stated that he would produce the program, who produced the whole DC Animated Universe. For the first season, a total of 26 episodes were commissioned.

Treteen were already scheduled, including five that were already recorded, during the New York Comic Con. The series is not meant to be a history of origin because the Warner Brothers release a film based on the origins of the characters. It is Bruce Timm’s first TV series to be produced with computer graphics (CG). Green Lantern: Green Lantern is also the Animated series for the first time in CG.

Green Lantern: Green Lantern is also the Animated series for the first time in CG. The manufacturers verified that Sinestro was not applied for. The creators said that other lanterns, such as Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart, may be presented if the series was hit.


Hal Jordan, 2814 Green Lantern, and his partner Kilowog will play a key role in this series. Jordan steals an Aya spacecraft (AI) and travels with Kilowog to “Frontier Space.” This is the very edge of the Universe Guardians, where the Red Lanterns kill Green Lanterns. The Manhunters, created by the Guardians but shut down also by the Guards, wished vengeration on the destruction of their world to Atrocitus, their leader. They meet a Red Lantern called Razer during their adventure.

They take him as a prisoner, but eventually adopt him as a teammate after he helps them defeat Atrocitus. Razer also falls in love with Aya, but after Atrocitus’ defeat she becomes evil (i.e. corrupted) and decides to eliminate all life in the universe.

At the end of season one, Jordan discovers that Aya is born out of a living being and that she is alive. He tries to convince her to end her universal genocide, but fails. 

When Razer tries to kill Aya, she’s seriously wounded by shooting a laser beam. Hal persuades Aya that what she does is incorrect and she rescues the universe and heals Razer. But she reconstructed the Manhunter army in Aya’s wrath and downloaded a copy into each Manhunter. The only way to shut them down is actually to have a major computer infection, which will also damage Aya. The virus is started by Aya and the Manhunters are shut down. But after saying farewell to Razer, she also destructs herself.

Razer can’t and won’t believe that Aya has gone missing because after all she wasn’t a complete robot but a living being, and a computer virus cannot harm a living being. In the hope of someplace in the cosmos, he begins a galaxy-scale search.

This is the victory of the Green Lantern Corps. In the meantime, the Razer followed a Blue Lantern ring, although it remained unknown if he were to be received.

why was green lantern animated series cancelled

The animated series is a US animated TV series based on a superhero green lantern of DC comics. After the unfavorable reviews and poor performance of the live action picture the series was canceled due to weak toy sales.

Every Animated Green Lantern Depiction

With Green Lantern being one of DC Comics’ most iconic characters of all time, the Emerald Knights have been animated several times. One of DC’s renowned legacy titles is the Green Lantern Corps, where numerous heroes have borne the heroic moniker over the decades. Since the inception of the Green Lantern mythology, readers and mainstream fans have been able to follow a variety of characters. DC has thoroughly fleshed out that area of their ever-expanding universe, whether it’s Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, or new characters like Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

When it comes to bringing the Green Lantern Corps to life for live-action, whether on the big or small screen, they are some of the most expensive DC characters to bring to life. Despite the fact that HBO Max is developing a Green Lantern live-action series, it will be one of the only DC TV projects to require a significant financial budget when compared to other DC dramas. The Warner Bros. Pictures is allegedly still interested in making a Green Lantern Corps picture. But, thankfully, animation does not have to worry about that, which is why Green Lantern has appeared in more animated TV episodes and films.

Because of the abundance of green lanterns in comics the majority of them have been animated during the years. Depending on the property, their roles can range from the main character to a supporting character. Because the DC Universe is always producing new animated films and shows, the Green Lantern Corps is almost always featured at least once a year.

Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan is one of the most renowned green lanterns that has done the most animation. Hal is now the only Emerald Knight to conduct his own movies and television shows. The popular Green Lantern hero Christopher Meloni and Nathan Fillion (who spoke to Hal in a few editions) said: First Flight and Green Lantern, respectively: Emerald Knights. In addition to that particular franchise, the Fillion films such as the Justice League: Doom and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox have played in various versions of the Hal program.
Justin Kirk made his own voice in the Justice League: War, before Filler, took over the Justice League, the Throne of Atlantis, the Death of Superman and the Reign of the Superman. Warner Bros. Animation established their New 52 Inspired Shared Universe.

In 2012, in Green Lanter, Josh Keaton played him: The Animated Series, which lasted on Cartoon Network for 26 episodes. While this was Hal’s first or final program, for future DC cartoons like Justice League Action and DC Super Hero Girls Keaton reappear. The Justice League: The New Frontier, David Boranaz as the Green Lantern, developed another iconic DC property in Hal. Sasha Roiz depicted Hal’s incarnation in ElseWorlds in Superman: Red Son, an adaption of the classic comic novel.

John Stewart

Whereas Hal may have appeared in more animation than any other Green Lantern, John Stewart has earned great recognition as an emerald knight of a different generation on the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. Phil LaMarr, who has spoken throughout his career of several DC characters, made John come to life and became a big favorite fan.
DC even updated John’s comics for the Justice League cartoon version of LaMarr. The author’s LaMarr’s and John’s presentations made an enormous influence. LaMarr has also spoken out on the Static Shock series and Superman: Red Son, apart from the two shows.

John, with Kevin Michael Richardson giving his voice for several episodes, was another DC-animation property. Had Green Lantern: for another season, the Animated Series was re-energized and John was planned. But in the penultimate episode ‘Ranx’ he got the designation dropped, since John became Earth’s new Green Lantern. John has featured on Harley Quinn, with a voiceless cameo, in the two Justice League Dark animated features while Roger Cross spoken of him.

Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner, the Emerald Knight with an arrogant attitude, is also a great Green Lantern who has been present in many DC animated ventures. The Brave & Bold, where James Arnold Taylor spoke to him for several times, was his most important role. His most important role was Batman. Funny enough, Diedrich Bader who played the Batman Caped Crusader: The Brave & The Bold finally went to speak Guy for a few episodes on Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Guy’s appearance in the vocal cameo until the third year when Troy Baker played in a few of episodes on Young Justice was a result.

Guy had a handful of shows in DC animated films, including Jim Meskimen’s Superman: Red Son, fighting along with Hal & John. In addition to this movie, Guy had the Lego DC Super Heroes Comics: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five and more recently the Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

kyle Rayner

Although Kyle Rayner himself was an important Green Lantern, strangely he did not show much animation. He first appeared in an episode called ‘In Brightest Day’ by Mikhael P. Greco on the Superman: The Animated Series. His first appearance in the DC cartoon was on Superman. Kyle became a Green Lantern as the Ring of Abin Sur made him the next Emerald Chevalier. Sinestro as the weekly enemy for the popular green lantern baddie, Superman and Kyle link up.


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