ALL Friends of Azusa’s Tribute to I’ve been killing Slimes’ Finale

 NOTE: This includes spoilers for Episode 12, which is now streaming to Crunchyroll, of I’ve been killing the Slimes for 300 years and Maxed Out My level.

Azuga Aizawa, a highland witch, spent 300 years all of her life as a Japanese bureau worker grinding XP and gold by murdering slimes. However, as Killing Slimes began, she extended herself to realize that it was worthwhile to spend time with good people.
Azusa discovered her true calling in Season 1: to help people and make them happy. Azusa’s friends believe it is time to open a witch café so they can put their culinary skills to use. The people of Flatta are also in a festive mood.

For Azusa’s Mid Cafe, Pooling All Talents

Azusa has a pleasant afternoon in Flatta, where she discovers that her pals have everything they require to operate a regular maid café. Laika is a brilliant cook, and Flatorte will not miss out on the opportunity to compete with her in the kitchen to discover who is the best. Isekai was her first friend. Halkara is a master in brewing excellent beverages, particularly energy drinks like Nutri-Spirit, and the Falfa and Shalsha twin sisters have the potential to be incredible, style moe hobbies. As a result, Azusa declares that the witch’s café plan is a go. She pulls everyone up and takes their measures, which she then shows to a tailor.They look fantastic, and Azusa even made a fantastic replica of Rosalie’s uniform by magic.
But, what is the cafe’s purpose? Until Azusa alters its menu to something more suited for regular customers, the females shout outlandish notions like Halkara cocktails, hoppers, and numerous plates of dragon-fit flesh. The vast majority of visitors will be ordinary people who lack the appetite of a Flatta dragon and its environs. The next morning, Azusa looks out the window and sees an unbelievable long line of early birds eager to get a seat in the new café as soon as possible. Azusa is eager to complete her project. The squad must reassemble as soon as possible, and the witch cafe must reopen as soon as possible.

Azusa’s Witch-Maid Cafe Needs Everyone!

Thankfully, all are up for the task. They put on the clothes of their maid, heat up the kitchen and welcome guests with a cheerful smile. So far, though the many customers threaten to overwhelm the rather modest staff of Azusa, especially since Falfa and Shalsha are only children that are going to shake quickly. The band is running around to continue, as usual with Laika and Flatorte, while Rosalie brightens the audience with their telekinetic abilities. Then there appears and offers assistance from another client, Beelzebub.
Azusa did not want the other people to burden her with this job, but she needed the assistance to get Beelzebub (somehow) in uniform and take the slack as she gets the cash register from Shalsha. Not long after, the Leviathan nuns arrived in the kitchen, eager to help her ‘big sister’ with frilly clothes, before the demon king herself appeared. At the end of the day Eno the witch from the cave, Kuku the musician, comes to complete things.
As the throng thin out in the evening, Azusa mulls about how to live with so many pals. No trip is complete without a party, and she has decades more to spend with these good friends in the realm of I am Killing Slimes.


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